Sunday, August 15, 2010

Miss Universe 2010 (Part 9): Miss Uruguay Rocks! Que Bella!

In this post, I'd like to praise one of the underrated latin beauties - Stephany Ortega of Miss Uruguay.
She's not Miss Photoshop, after seeing all the pics below, you may also agree that she looks good in candids. Her beauty is natural, people like her eyes, very captivating. I hope she will perform well in the preliminary and the judges will not ignore this stunning latina.

The last placement of Uruguay was in 1985, where Andrea Lopez placed 4th Runner-up. After that, Uruguay failed to make the semi-final. Stephany is the biggest hope for Uruguay to place this year.

Miss Kazakhstan and Miss Uruguay

Miss Slovak Republic and Miss Uruguay

Miss Guatemala, Miss Argentina and Miss Uruguay

Miss El Salvador and Miss Uruguay

Miss Ukraine and Miss Uruguay

Miss Guatemala and Miss Uruguay

Miss Uruguay and Miss Argentina

Miss Argentina, Miss Uruguay and Miss Guatemala

Miss Guatemala, Miss Paraguay and Miss Uruguay

Miss China, Miss Singapore and Miss Uruguay

Miss Sweden, Miss Guatemala and Miss Uruguay

Miss Belgium, Miss France and Miss Uruguay

Miss Paraguay and Miss Uruguay (I like 2 "GUAYS" this year!!)

Miss Poland and Miss Uruguay

Miss Romania, Miss Uruguay and Miss Honduras

(From left) Misses Guatemala, Ecuador, Uruguay, Great Britain, Brazil and Argentina

Miss El Salvador and Miss Uruguay


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  1. Guatemala is a beautifull girl
    I'sure she is one of the favorites if not the winner the top 3's

  2. Mois j'ai la opportunite de representer beaucoup the femmes latin, pour maintenant je crois que Guatemala a une belle femme, elle est tres jollie

  3. Anonymous:
    Je suis d'accord avec toi, Miss Guatemala est belle