Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Miss Universe 2010 (Part 4): Swimsuit Photo Shoot 2

The official swimsuit photo shoot started yesterday. I reported in my previous post.

Today, Miss Universe Organization continued to release some swimsuit pics of Misses Dominican Repulic, Argentina, France, Canada, Lebanon, China, Denmark, Poland, Croatia and Guyana.

Miss Dominican Repulic
People dislike her in the forum, but I think when u look at her striking pose, she's a real Queen!

Miss Argentina
Yesica, try to look better with your hair down

The evening gown pic of Miss Argentina

(From Left) Miss Serbia, Miss Dominican Rep, Miss Argentina and Miss Slovenia

Miss Peru

Miss Brazil and Miss Paraguay

(From left) Miss Slovenia, Miss Serbia, Miss Spain and Miss Venezuela
Miss Spain and Miss Venezuela are roommates this year.

My favourite blond, Miss Slovak Repulic took a pic with her neighboring country, Miss Czech Repulic

Miss Slovak Rep, Miss Slovenia and Miss Serbia


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