Monday, August 16, 2010

Miss Universe 2010 (Part 11): Photo Gallery 4

Miss Universe 2010 Photo Gallery 4:

Miss Venezuela was showing her national gift at the Miss Universe Charity Auction

Miss Paraguay was playing the harp at the Miss Universe Charity Auction..She's so talented

I like this purple gown

Miss Dominican Rep

Miss Colombia

Miss Puerto Rico

The Evening gowns of Central American Girls at the Miss Universe Charity Auction:

Miss Mexico

Miss Panama

Miss Guatemala

Miss Honduras

Miss El Salvador

Miss Costa Rica

Miss Mexico and Miss Honduras

Miss Argentina, I love this pic!

(From left) Misses Tanzania, Dominican Rep, New Zealand, Curacao, Argentina and Bolivia

Miss Aruba and Miss Argentina

Miss Uruguay and Miss Argentina

Miss Honduras and Miss Argentina, I found Miss Honduras is not that bad

Miss Argentina, Miss Uruguay and Miss Guatemala seem good friends

Miss Great Britain, Miss Brazil and Miss Australia

One of the most beautiful official swimsuit pics of Miss Uruguay

Miss Russia and Miss Slovak Rep

What was Miss Serbia doing behind Miss Slovak Rep?


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