Sunday, March 28, 2010

Miss Ecuador 2010

Miss Ecuador 2010 was held on March 25 in Quito, Ecuador. There were 16 candidates vying for the national title.
Here are the official results:

Miss Ecuador 2010 is Lady Mina, 23, 170cm, Hometown: Guayaquil
She will represent Ecuador in Miss Universe 2010

Miss Ecuador World 2010 is Ana Galarza, 20, 173cm, Hometown: Ambato
She will represent Ecuador in Miss World 2010

Miss Ecuador International 2010 is Andrea Suárez, 23, 180cm, Hometown: Loja
She will represent Ecuador in Miss International 2010

Adriana Creter, 19, 183cm, Hometown: Quito
In my opinion, she's the hot bombshell for this year's pageant. Tall and Beautiful.
She should have placed among the top 5.

State Costumes Parade:

The Swimsuit Competition:

Monday, March 1, 2010

Miss Uruguay 2010

Miss Uruguay 2010 was held in Punta del Este, Uruguay, on 27 February 2010. 22 candidates representing each province were vying for the crown this year.

The Winner of Miss Universo Uruguay is Stephany Ortega, 20, 173cm, from the Hometown Montevideo, representing the province Rocha. She will represent Uruguay in Miss Universe 2010.

Miss Mundo Uruguay is Eliana Oliveira, 22, 175cm, from the Hometown Montevideo, representing the province Maldonado.

Miss Universo Uruguay 2010 and Miss Mundo Uruguay 2010

Stephany (right) took pics with other contestants.

Stephany's Modelling Pics (I think she looks much better without bangs)

I like her catwalk skills here

Martina Graf Guarinoni (below) is the mega-favourite among our pageant fans (including me) to win the crown this year. She's 20, 168cm, representing the province of Cerro Largo. However, she merely finished top 10 in the final.

Some group pics of Miss Uruguay 2010 contestants

Miss Nicaragua 2010 (The First Black Miss Nicaragua)

Miss Nicaragua 2010 was crowned on 27 February 2010. The winner is 18-year-old student from Bluefields, Scharllete Allen Moses. Scharllete stands 180cm and is the first black woman to win the national title. She will represent her lovely Central American country in Miss Universe 2010.

Official Results of Miss Nicaragua 2010:

Miss Nicaragua 2010: Scharllete Allen Moses
1st Runner-up: Indira Rojas
2nd Runner-up: Claudia Trejos
3rd Runner-up: Myriam Cerda
4th Runner-up: Bianca Martinez

Miss Nicaragua 2010 - Scharllete Allen Moses

Best National Costume Winner: Maryoli Cabezas

This costume will be worn in Miss Universe 2010

The Interview of the new Nicaraguan Queen: