Thursday, August 19, 2010

Miss Universe 2010 (Part 14): Photo Gallery 5 + Interview Videos

Miss Universe 2010 Photo Gallery 5:

Miss Universe 2010 contestants took group pics

Miss Argentina

The pre-recording of National Costume of Miss Mexico. Wow..we can finally see the whole HUGE costume on TV!

Miss Peru, Miss Uruguay and Paraguay

Miss Peru is so beautiful

Miss Mexico

Miss Peru, Miss Russia, Miss Uruguay and Miss Paraguay

Miss Guam, Miss Guatemala and Miss Guyana

MUO uploaded the interview videos of all the contestants 2 days ago.

Miss Colombia: In my opinion, she's the best in the interview among all the latinas.
Good English, good presentation, funny and confident!

Miss Venezuela speaks fluent English. Very good communication skills.

Miss Honduras is surprisingly good! She speaks excellent English, very eloquent!
I think she will get high marks when she meets the prelim. judges

Miss Brazil: She can speak fluent Spanish, Portuguese and English, quite good presentation

Miss Mexico: I like her answer of the best gift, "HER SASH"!!

Miss Dominican Rep: She looks like Sandra Bullock so much in this video, but her communication skill is good

Miss Spain anwered the questions in her native language

Miss Peru: funny, I love her imitation of a robot

Miss Puerto Rico - very good answers, but I dun like her styling here

Miss Paraguay - not bad

Miss Costa Rica is more articulate when she answered the questions in Spanish, Miss Uruguay, Miss Argentina, Miss Guatemala should use Spanish to do the interviews instead

Miss Uruguay - a bit disappointed, not very fluent in English, why not in Spanish?!!

Miss Panama - still the same mistake, she cannot express the ideas in English

Miss Guatemala

Miss Argentina - OMG Yesica! My advice: it would be better for you to use your mother tongue if your English is not that good.

Miss Bolivia (Mediocre interview!! She looks dumb)

Miss Nicaragua (her voice is quite sorry!)

MIss El Salvador (She is telegenic)

Miss Ecuador


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