Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Miss Universe 2010 (Part 12): Latinas Day!

In Miss Universe 2006, MUO formally organzied a "Latina Conference", they invited only latin contestants to attend the event. Again, in Miss Universe 2010, we could see "Latinas Day" yesterday. The reporters solely invited all latin/hispanic contestants to do interviews in the Miss Universe pageant this year. Here are the photos of this event:

Miss Argentina

Miss Bolivia

Miss Brazil

Miss Colombia

Miss Costa Rica

Miss Dominican Republic

Miss Ecuador

Miss El Salvador

Miss Great Britain (She's half Colombiana)

Miss Guatemala

Miss Haiti

Miss Honduras

Miss Mexico

Miss Nicaragua

Miss Panama

Miss Paraguay

Miss Peru

Miss Puerto Rico

Miss Spain and Miss Uruguay

Miss Venezuela

They received some gifts from the reporters

All latinas took a group picture with the reigning Miss Universe

The reigning Miss Universe from Venezuela is the guest of the event

Wow..Miss Great Britain was also invited by the press for interview today as she's half Colombian, she can speak fluent spanish (from 2'24"-2'47"), how amazing, I start to like her!

Miss Universe 2010 Latinas Interview at Mandalay Bay Hotel


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