Sunday, November 29, 2009

Miss International 2009 - the third crown for latinas in 09!

Miss International 2009, the 49th Miss International pageant, was held in Chengdu, Sichuan, China on 28 November 2009. 65 contestants competed for the coveted title. Anagabriela Espinoza from Mexico became the winner of Miss International 2009.

Official Results of Miss International 09:
Miss International 2009: Mexico - Anagabriela Espinoza

1st Runner-up: Korea
2nd Runner-up United Kingdom

Belarus, Belgium, Brazil,, Canada, Cuba, Dominican Republic,, Finland, Japan, Panama,, Philippines, Spain and Venezuela

The Best National Costume Award goes to Miss Honduras

The winner, Anagabriela Espinoza from Mexico

The national costume, evening gown and swimsuit pics of Miss Mexico, Anagabriela Espinoza

The official pic of Anagaby

One of the best pics in this contest:

I love this photo

Anagaby took a pic with Alejandra Andreu, the winner of Miss International 2008 from Spain

In Brazilian Beauty Forum, a pageant fan designed a banner for Anagaby

Latina also won The Best National Costume Award, She is Miss Honduras(Right)

I think the best gown goes to Miss Venezuela, Laksmi Rodríguez

Beautiful Miss Brazil was also a semi-finalist

7 latinas made the top 15 in Miss International 2009, and the winner is also a latina

In 2009, Miss Universe, Miss Earth, and now Miss International, the winners are all LATINAS! Will a latin beauty conquer Miss World later in December?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Miss Earth 2009 - Latina won again!

Our new Miss Earth 2009 is Miss Brazil, Larissa Ramos. Larissa stands 178cm, 20, from Manaus in Brazil. Brazil wins its second Miss Earth crown since Priscilla Meirelles won in 2004.

Final Results:

Miss Earth 2009 - Brazil

Miss Air (1st Runner-up) - Philippines

Miss Water (2nd Runner-up) - Venezuela

Miss Fire (3rd Runner-up) - Spain

Finalists (Top 8)
Colombia, Martinique, Poland & Thailand

Semi-finalists (Top 16)
France, Georgia, India, Korea, Northern Ireland, Paraguay, Singapore & South Africa

A total of 5 latinas in the top 16. South American contestants are always strong, there are only 7 South American countries competing this year, 4 of them (Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay and Venezuela) made the semi-final. Congratulations!

Final top 4, Spain, Philippines, Brazil and Venezuela (3 of them are!)

Miss Water (2nd Runner-up) is Miss Venezuela, Jessica Barboza

Miss Fire (3rd Runner-up) is Miss Spain, Alejandra Echevarria

Miss Colombia and Miss Paraguay became the semi-finalists in Miss Earth 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Señorita Colombia 2009 Part VI

(No mood to write.....very disappointed, very upset)

Señorita Colombia 2009 is Señorita Bolívar, Natalia Navarro Galvis, 22, 179cm, she will represent Colombia in Miss Universe 2010.

1st Runner-up: Meta

2nd Runner-up: Cundinamarca

3rd Runner-up: Antioquia

4th Runner-up: Atlántico

Top 10

The top 5 finalists (from L: Cundinamarca,Antioquia,Atlantico,Meta & Bolivar) -__-

Señorita Bogota should have won, poor Juliana, how could the judges give such low scores to this goddess in all categories. Juliana, please try Miss Mundo Colombia next year!

The Opening (State Costumes):

Evening Gown Competition I:

Evening Gown Competition II:

Top 10 Announcement:

Top 10 Swimsuit Competition:
(Goddess Bogota got low score 9.2 vs Bolivar 9.9!!....WTF!!)

Top 5 Announcement:

The crowning moment of Señorita Colombia 2009:

Farewell to Señorita Colombia 2008, Michelle Rouillard

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Señorita Colombia 2009 Part V - Señorita Bogotá

In Part V, I have to introduce the MOST BEAUTIFUL delegate in Señorita Colombia 2009 pageant. She's representing the state of Bogotá, her name is Juliana Robledo Reyes, 22, 176cm.

Tall, Very very pretty, a nice sunny smile, elegant and classy, in my opinion, she's the best choice for the crown this year. I really love her latin aura.

The close-up face pics of Juliana (wow....I have to say "FLAWLESS BEAUTY!)

The photo gallery of Juliana

Juliana Robledo Reyes was crowned Señorita Bogota

Juliana Robledo Reyes is the niece of former Señorita Colombia winner, Maria Helena Reyes, who was a semifinalist at MU 1976.

Her aunt, Maria Helena Reyes, was Señorita Colombia 1975

Maria Helena Reyes was representing her country in Miss Universe 1976