Friday, August 13, 2010

Miss Universe 2010 (Part 7): Official Evening Gown Portraits

Miss Universe Organization released the official Evening Gown Portraits of all the contestants today. Let's take a look at the beautiful gowns of the latin contestants, I will give my personal scores based on their presentation of gowns:

#1. Miss Peru, score: 9.855 (Wow...This gown is so unique, Giuliana looks glamorous, elegant and fierce, what a breathtaking gown! I gave her the highest score in this evening gown portait)

#2. Miss Colombia, score: 9.782 (Missologists are always looking forward to seeing Colombian gowns in the Miss Universe Pageant every year, they will give us surprise! Natalia, you fit this gown well, it looks trendy)

#3. Miss Dominican Rep, score: 9.605 (Eva is able to carry this gown well, so graceful)

#4. Miss Uruguay, score: 9.508 (This gown is special, I love the cutting and the design. If a contestant is not a model type, it's difficult to carry it well, you can see, Stephany is a professional model and knows how to carry this gown)

#5. Miss Venezuela, score: 9.377 (This gown is similar to the gown that Carolina Izsak wore in her Miss Venezuela 1991 national pageant)

#6. Miss Mexico, score: 9.299 (special, it suits her well)

#7. Miss Puerto Rico, score: 9.102 (Red gown always suits blond girls, Mariana looks regal)

#8. Miss Paraguay, score: 9.050 (love it, elegant)

#9. Miss Brazil, score: 8.959 (I have high expectation on Brazil's gown this year, but this gown looks plain)

#10. Miss Boliva, score: 8.928 (Haha...This gown looks like Taliana's gown in Miss Universe 2008. Copy it or not? Anyway, Claudia Arce carried it well)

#11. Miss Argentina, score: 8.889 (It looks ok, better than her blue gown in Miss International)

#12. Miss Honduras, score: 8.800 (This color suits her well!)

#13. Miss Guatmala, score: 8.795 (just so-so)

#14. Miss Spain, score: 8.788 (I don't like the color!)

#15. Miss Panama, score: 8.726 (Completely wrong on her!)

#16. Miss Nicaragua, score: 8.702

#17. Miss Costa Rica, score: 8.688

#18. Miss El Salvador, score: 8.128

#19. Miss Ecuador, score: 8.015

Besides, European delegates are quite strong this year, I personally like Miss Sweden, Miss Slovak Rep and Miss Netherlands the most:

Miss Sweden, score: 9.235 (I can see a beautiful blond mermaid on her)

Miss Slovak Rep, score: 9.012 (Beautiful, but this gown is quite smiliar to Miss Puerto Rico's, still ok)

Miss Netherlands, score: 8.900

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