Saturday, August 21, 2010

Miss Universe 2010 (Part 15): Official Headshots

The official headshots of all latin/hispanic contestants in Miss Universe 2010, I will give my score based on their facial beauty:

(and the report of Preliminary Competition will be published soon...)

#1. Miss Uruguay, Stephany Ortega, No doubt she has the best face among latinas this year, I like her beautiful and captivating green eyes, this official headshot is damn stunning
Score: 9.902

#2. Miss Argentina, Yesica di Vincenzo, I met her in Miss International 2008, she looks very pretty in person, she improved a lot in Miss Universe 2010 now, thats why I gave a very high score in facial beauty category
Score: 9.758

#3. Miss Mexico, Ximena Navarrete, attractive and beautiful latin face
Score: 9.502

#4. Miss Puerto Rico, Mariana Vicente, we can also see the diversity of latin beauties, a hot blond latina!
Score: 9.399

#5. Miss Venezuela, Marelisa Gibson, Sometimes she reminds me of Milka Chulina, of course, Marelisa looks better!
Score: 9.357

#6. Miss Peru, Giuliana Zevallos, I like her striking facial features, but this official headspot gave a very bad angle
Score: 9.200

#7. Miss Paraguay, Johana Benitez, I have seen lots of her pics, she looks the best when she gives a big smile with dimples
Score: 9.189

#8. Miss Brazil, Débora Lyra, she looks not very consistent in pics
Score: 9.078

#9. Miss Honduras, Kenia Martinez, Facially, I think she's the best black this year!
I can say a Black Barbie!
Score: 9.015

#10. Miss Dominican Rep, Eva Arias, If you think Sandra Bullock is beatiful, Eva is also beautiful
Score: 8.998

#11. Miss Colombia, Natalia Navarro, Face-wise, she's not outstanding at all
Score: 8.952

#12. Miss Spain, Adriana Reverón, i don't really like her lips as if she wants to cry most of the time!
Score: 8.905

#13. Miss Guatemala, Jessica Scheel, An exotic beauty
Score: 8.898

#14. Miss Panama, Anyoli Abrego, Sometimes she looks good in pics, but not telegenic
Score: 8.760

#15. Miss Bolivia, Claudia Arce, Sometimes she looks bad when she smiles
Score: 8.502

#16. Miss Costa Rica, Marva Wright, Average looking latina
Score: 8.399

#17. Miss El Salvador, Sonia Cruz, she's getting better now but still not up to the standard
Score: 8.322

#18. Miss Nicaragua, Scharllette Allen, Can Nicaragua send the beauty like Ana Sofía Pereira (Miss Nicaragua 1991) once again?
Score: 8.260

#19 Miss Ecuador, Lady Mina, I think she's the worst Miss Ecuador since 2000s
Score: 7.890


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  1. was there eny miss chile or chile did not join this year ? miss argenti rocks

  2. Anonymous:
    Miss Chile did not compete this year, but Chile will be back in 2011!