Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Miss Universe 2010 (Part 13): National Costume Competition

The National Costume Competition was held at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas on 16 August 2010.

Latin/Hispanic Contestants:

Miss Mexico: The costume has the back part when she showed it at the beginning (see the pic below), why did she remove it during the national costume parade? I like the HUGE one more!

Miss Peru: It's great! I like the embroidery and the headpiece (it looks so heavy)

Miss Dominican Republic: what a BIG headpiece!

Miss Venezuela: very creative Venezuelan costume, it's interesting to see those sharp edges!

Miss Panama: BIG costume from this country once again!

Miss Colombia is simply stunning with this simple dress.

Miss Costa Rica: BIG peacock headpiece

Miss Brazil: nice color

Miss Paraguay always wore dramatically HUGE costumes in the past, this one seems plain to me!

Miss Nicaragua

Miss Uruguay: this costume is so glamouros

Miss Honduras: I love the headpiece

Miss Spain: Sorry, I hate the color and ugly dots!

Miss Argentina's costume symbolizes its flag, it's way too simple

Miss Haiti: very eye-catching, BIG dress!

Miss Guatemala (Guatemalans wear BIG costumes most of the time, but not this year, I miss that Big tree of Miss Guatemala Universe 1993!)

Miss Bolivia's costume is a traditional dress

Miss Puerto Rico: this costume seems too plain

Miss El Salvador (just a plain dress??!!! very disappointed!)

Miss Ecuador

I also like the following costumes:

Miss Albania: Love the HUGE wings

Miss Angola: Love that horns and the artwork, it's BIG!

Miss Curacao: I like the BIG artwork under the skirt

Miss Guam: I love that BIG headpiece and the bottom part!

Miss Jamaica: HUGE butterfly!

Miss Japan: What a BIG fan!

Miss Kazakhstan: I think my friends know my taste in National Costume...hehe...This costume is incredibly HUGE like latin costumes! I love it so much!

Miss Kosovo: I like that BIG headpiece, very creative, this costume is better than those plain and boring traditional european dresses

Miss Poland: YEAH!! BIG COSTUME!! It symbolizes the Polish flag!

Miss Slovak Rep: Although this is not a big costume that I like, I love this blond queen, YEAH!

Miss Switzerland: I love the Swiss shield and the sword

Miss Trinidad & Tobago's costume is always colorful and eye-catching

MIss USA, It's rare for USA to wear huge costume in Miss Universe, but I like these huge wings and stars!

The Video of National Costume Parade


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