Monday, December 13, 2010

Miss Earth 2010: Special Feature - Miss Ecuador (Miss Earth Air)

Miss Earth 2010, the 10th edition of Miss Earth pageant, was held in Nha Trang, Vietnam on December 4, 2010. 84 beautiful ladies were competing for the title this year.

The official results of Miss Earth 2010:

Miss Earth 2010 - Miss India, Nicole Faria

Miss Earth Air - Miss Ecuador, Jennifer Pazmiño

Miss Earth Water - Miss Thailand, Watsaporn Wattanakoon

Miss Earth Fire - Miss Puerto Rico, Yeidy Bosques

Miss Japan, Marina Kishira
Miss South Africa, Nondyebo Dzingwa
Miss Venezuela, Mariángela Bonanni

Czech Republic, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, USA and Vietnam

Special Feature:

Miss Earth Air 2010 is Miss Ecuador, Jennifer Pazmiño

Jennifer made history for her country. Ecuador has never won any titles or runners-up among the Big 4 (Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss International and Miss Earth). After Jennifer won the 2nd place in Miss Earth, she is the best placer of her country so far.

Amazingly beautiful picture of Jennifer Pazmiño

Jennifer's performance was excellent in the evening gown and swimsuit competition

Other event pics of Jennifer in Miss Earth 2010

Modelling Pics of Jennifer:

Jennifer Pazmiño also took part in Miss International 2008 and made top 12

Miss Puerto Rico, Yeidy Bosques, won Miss Earth Fire 2010 title

Miss Venezuela, Mariángela Bonanni, was one of the top 7 finalists

(From left) Miss Earth Air (Ecuador), Miss Earth 2010 (India), Miss Earth Water (Thailand) and Miss Earth Fire (Puerto Rico)

2 Latinas and 2 Asians won the big titles of Miss Earth 2010

Special awards

Best in Swimsuit - Miss Vietnam
Best in Long Gown - Miss Ecuador

Best in National Costume - Miss Japan
Miss Talent - Miss India
Miss Photogenic - Miss Thailand
Miss Friendship - Miss Guatemala
Miss Aodai - Miss Serbia

The Crowning Moment of Miss Earth Air 2010 - Miss Ecuador, Jennifer Pazmiño

Friday, December 3, 2010

Reina Hispanoamericana 2010

Reina Hispanoamericana 2010, the 20th Reina Hispanoamericana beauty pageant, was held in Santa Cruz, Bolivia on 24 November 2010. 22 delegates from the Americas and the Iberian peninsula competed for the title. Miss Venezuela won back to back for her country at the final event.

The official list of the contestants:
1. Argentina - Yésica Natalia di Vincenzo, 22, 1.75, Hometown: Mar del Plata
2. Bolivia - María Olivia Pinheiro Menacho, 25, 1.75, Hometown: Santa Cruz
3. Brazil - Suymara Barreto Parreira, 25, 1.78, Hometown: Belém
4. Chile - Marie Ann Salas Gorboi, 27, 1.78, Hometown: Santiago
5. Colombia - María Alejandra Franco Zapata, 21, 1.70, Hometown: Pereira
6. Costa Rica - Angie Catalina Alfaro Loria,19, 1.74, Hometown: Alajuela
7. Cuba - Viglis Viquillón, 21, 1.81, Hometown: La Habana
8. Ecuador - Lady Fernanda Mina Lastra, 24, 1.71, Hometown: Guayaquil
9. El Salvador - Marcela Santamaría, 18, 1.70, Hometown: San Salvador
10. España - Raquel Lozano Fraile, 27, 1.77, Hometown: Sevilla
11. Guatemala - Ana Lucía Mazariegos Florentino, 19, 1.70, Hometown: Antigua
12. Honduras - Adriana Gabriela García Hernández, 19, 1.76, Hometown: Olancho
13. Mexico - Ángeles Aguilar del Puerto, 24, 1.76, Hometown: Oaxaca
14. Nicaragua - Indiana María Sánchez, 23, 1.76, Hometown: Managua
15. Panama - Michelle Ostler Cosme, 23, 1.72, Hometown: Panama City
16. Paraguay - Egni Analía Almirón Eckert, 22, 1.83, Hometown: Luque
17. Peru - Alexandra Liao Tipacti, 21, 1.78, Hometown: Lima
18. Puerto Rico - Ivonne Reyes, 18, 1.78, Hometown: San Juan
19. República Dominicana - Stephany Liriano Alcántara, 22, 1.74, Hometown: Santiago de los Caballeros
20. USA Hispana - Yildry Estefanía Peña, 18, 1.84, Hometown: New York City
21. Uruguay - Stephany Ortega Da Costa, 21, 1.75, Hometown: Montevideo
22. Venezuela - Caroline Gabriela Medina Peschiutta, 18, 1.78, Hometown: Maracay

Reina Hispanoamericana 2010 is Miss Venezuela, Caroline Medina

Virreina Hispanoamericana 2010 is Miss Paraguay, Egni Eckert

Reina Hispanoamericana 2010 (Venezuela) and Virreina of Paraguay

Back to Back victory for Venezuela, Reina Hispanoamericana 2009 (left), Adriana Vasini, took a pic with our new queens

The 1st runner up is Miss Bolivia, Olivia Pinheiro

The 2nd Runner-up is Miss Brazil, Suymara Barreto

The 3rd Runner-up is Miss España, Raquel Lozano

The 4th Runner-up is Miss Uruguay, Stephany Ortega

The 5th Runner-up is Miss Argentina, Yésica Di Vincenzo

Miss Chile, Marie Ann Salas, competed in Miss International 2007, where she was a Top 15 finalist. Also competed in Miss Tourism Queen International 2008, where she placed 6, mysteriously failed to make top 7 in Reina Hispanoamericana 2010.

Some group pics of the contestants this year

Special awards:

Miss Elegance - USA Hispana
Miss Congeniality - Spain
Miss Photogenic - Bolivia
Best National Costume - Ecuador
Best Face - Argentina
Best Body - Paraguay
Best Hair - Bolivia, Costa Rica and Dominican Republic
Best Smile - USA Hispana
Chica Aerosur - Venezuela

National Costume Parade

Swimsuit Competition Part I

Swimsuit Competition Part II

Evening Gown Competition Part I

Evening Gown Competition Part II

The Announcement of Top 7 Semi-finalists

The crowning moment of Reina Hispanoamericana 2010