Monday, August 23, 2010

Miss Universe 2010 (Part 17): Final Review of Latin/Hispanic Contestants


Miss Universe 2010, the 59th edition of the pageant, will be held in the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on August 23, 2010. I'm so exciting...1 more day to go...

In this post, I'm going to write my final review of the latin/hispanic contestants in Miss Universe 2010:

(ps. The photos below were taken by Fadil Berisha, who is an Albanian photographer and currently works for the Miss Universe Organization. Fadil took some official swimsuit photoshoots for all the contestants this year, and some of them had body paintings over their bodies)

Miss Argentina

Pros: Doll Face / Friendly / Experienced in pageantry / Photogenic

Cons: Not aggressive / Not too sparkling on stage

Miss Bolivia

Pros: Young / Fresh / Cheerful

Cons: Bad Attitude / Poor Interview Skills

Miss Brazil

Pros: Super Model Type / Well-prepared / Experienced in pageantry / Catwalk Diva / Confident / Good Interview Skills / Good Styling

Cons: Old-looking / Not consistent in some pics

Miss Colombia

Pros: Strong Sash Factor / Fashionable / Elegant / Good Figure / Good Presentation and Interview Skills / Well-prepared / Natural / Aggressive / Stylish / Charismatic

Cons: Not super beautiful in appearance

Miss Costa Rica

Pros: Big Smile / Tall / Not bad figure

Cons: Weak Sash / Bad Styling

Miss Dominican Republic

Pros: Tall / Model Type / Complete Package / Well-prepared / Elegant / Know how to pose and project herself / Good performance in the prelim

Cons: Artificial / A bit masculine from certain angles of her pics

Miss Ecuador

Pros: -

Cons: Short / Lack Facial Beauty / Bad Catwalk Skills / Low Profile

Miss El Salvador

Pros: Calm / Always Smiling

Cons: Bad Posture / Not very attractive facial features

Miss Guatemala

Pros: Beautiful Face / Both photogenic and telegenic / Exotic / Surprisingly Good performance in the preliminary competition

Cons: Short / Bad Interview Skills

Miss Honduras

Pros: A Black Barbie / Exquisite facial features / Nice Smile / Good English / Excellent Interview Skills

Cons: Weak Sash / Her preliminary performance was not outstanding

Miss Mexico

Pros: Beautiful Face / Cheerful Smile / Well-prepared / Classy / Eloquent / Photogenic (It is difficult for me to find her bad pics, she's the best choice for Miss Photogenic Award if those crazy Filipino pageant fans will not manipulate the online voting system!)

Cons: Her neck seems too short / Monotonous in looks

Miss Nicaragua

Pros: She made noise because she's the first Black Miss Nicaragua / Tall /Big Smile

Cons : Too Masculine / Thick thighs / Terrible Voice

Miss Panama

Pros: Model Type / Telegenic / Beautiful Long Legs / Fierce Catwalk / Experienced in pageantry

Cons: Look bad in some candid photos / Not too aggressive

Miss Paraguay

Pros: Beautiful Big Smile / Cute Dimples / Good Figure / Good Catwalk Skills / Nice Personality

Cons: Mature Looking / not consistent in candid pictures

Miss Peru

Pros: Well-prepared / Very Aggressive / Energetic / Good Figure / Good Presentation Skills / Experienced in pageantry / Cheerful (Based on the pics, we can see she's so happy and enjoys taking part in every event of this pageant so much!)

Cons: Some pageant experts may not like her unique facial neauty

Miss Puerto Rico

Pros: Strong Sash Factor / Beautiful Face / Well-prepared / Eloquent / Smart

Cons: Short / Bad styling in some occasions

Miss Spain

Pros: Good Figure / Good Catwalk skills / Experienced in pageantry

Cons: Low Profile / Not a beautiful smile when she takes pics / Not Aggressive

Miss Uruguay

Pros: Very beautiful and exquisite face / Good Figure / Good Catwalk Skills and Model Type / Photogenic

Cons: Weak Sash / Bad Gown in the prelim (hope the judges will forgive her)

Miss Venezuela

Pros: Well-prepared / Strong Sash factor / Tall / Confident / Stage presence / Good communication skills / Aggressive

Cons: pale skin / her smile is weird sometimes


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