Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Miss Intercontinental 2009

Miss Intercontinental 2009 was held in Belarus on 27 September 2009. 56 contestants are vying for the coveted title. Here are the official results:

Winner: Venezuela - Hannelys Quintero

1st Runner-up: Belarus
2nd Runner-up: Puerto Rico
3rd Runner-up: Poland (2nd RU in Miss International 08)
4th Runner-up: Curacao (in Miss World 2007)

Top 15 Semi-finalists:
Georgia (in Miss Universe 09)
Honduras (in Miss Earth 06)
Peru (in Miss International 08)

Miss Congeniality: Belarus
Miss Photogenic: Martinique
Best National Costume: Peru
Best Figure: Panama

Hannelys Quintero was a semi-finalist in Miss World 2008, she also won the Queen of Americas

The Official Headshot of Hannelys Quintero in Miss Venezuela 2007. She was representing the state of Cojedes and was crowned Miss Venezuela Mundo 2007.

The National Costume of Miss Venezuela

Miss Venezuela and Miss Honduras

Miss Peru, Massiel Vidal, was also competing in Miss International 2008. I met her in person, she's a nice girl and speaks very good English. I'm so happy she finally made it this time. Congrats Massiel!

Miss Poland, 2nd runner-up in Miss International 2008, placed 4th in this contest.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Miss Continente Americano 2009 FINAL

Miss Continente Americano 2009 was crowned on 26 September 2009 in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

The Final Results:
Miss Continente Americano 2009: Miss Colombia, Lina Mosquera

1st Runner-up: Miss Brazil, Denise Ribeiro

2nd Runner-up: Miss Ecuador, Sandra Vinces

Top 6:
Miss Honduras - Bélgica Suárez
Miss Peru - Karen Schwarz
Miss Venezuela - Andreína Gomes

Special Awards:

Miss Photogenic - Miss El Salvador (<- ha?!! What a surprise!)
Miss Congeniality - Miss El Salvador
Miss Yanbal Face - Miss Peru
Best National Costume - Miss Panama

Miss Continente Americano 2009 is Miss Colombia, Lina Mosquera

Top 6 Finalists:

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Miss Continente Americano 2009 Part II

Local pageant fans like to watch MCI and latin pageant fans like to follow MCA too(jajaja)

The official gown pics of 20 MCA contestants:
(ummm....I really miss the heydays of MHK with 20 contestants as well)

1. Argentina

2. Bolivia

3. Brazil

4. Canada

5. Chile

6. Colombia

7. Costa Rica

8. Ecuador

9. El Salvador

10. Guatemala

11. Honduras

12. Mexico

13. Nicaragua

14. Panama

15. Paraguay

16. Peru

17. Puerto Rico

18. República Dominicana

19. Uruguay

20. Venezuela

Best National Costume Award goes to Miss Panama

1st runner-up is Peru and 2nd runner-up is Ecuador

Misses Argentina and Costa Rica

Wow..Peru tried on the crown of MCA

Misses Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina and Chile

Misses Nicaragua, Panama and Peru

(Left to Right) Misses Ecuador, El Salvador, Brazil, Canada, Honduras and Chile

Misses Mexico, Puerto Rico, Peru and Nicaragua

Misses Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico and Colombia visited the CocaCola Factory

Sergio's Final Ranking:
1. Colombia
2. Peru
3. Honduras
4. Puerto Rico
5. Brazil
6. República Dominicana
7. Ecuador
8. Costa Rica
9. Venezuela
10. Canada
11. Mexico
12. Nicaragua

13. Paraguay
14. Chile
15. Argentina
16. El Salvador
17. Uruguay
18. Bolivia
19. Panama
20. Guatemala