Saturday, August 14, 2010

Miss Universe 2010 (Part 8): Photo Gallery 3

Miss Universe 2010 Photo Gallery 3:

Miss Paraguay took a pic with the reigning Miss Universe, Miss Paraguay looks stunning!

Miss Paraguay and Miss Mexico

Miss Mexico, Miss Uruguay and Miss Paraguay

Miss Paraguay, Miss Spain and Miss Venzuela

Will Marelisa, Miss Venezuela, win three times in a row for their country?

Two latin Caribbean beauties: Dominican Rep and Puerto Rico

(From left) Misses Ecuador, Argentina, Poland and Guatemala

Miss Argentina and Miss Brazil

Miss Argentina and Miss Denmark. Support You Yesica!

Miss Peru and Miss Paraguay. They always took photos together, I think they are good friends.

The reporter interviewed the hot favourite, Miss Mexico

Miss Spain and Miss South Africa

Miss Dominican Rep, Miss Hait, Miss Argentina and Miss Guatemala

Miss Dominican Republic

Miss Costa Rica and Miss Dominican Republic

Miss Costa Rica

Miss Brazil

Miss Colombia, Miss Argentina, Miss El Salvador

Miss Australia and Miss Colombia

Miss Australia

Celebrating the birthdays of Miss Australia and Miss Colombia, Feliz Cumpleaños!


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