Monday, October 28, 2013

Miss Universe Part VII - Tony Ward & Yamamay Fashion Show / Filming in Red Square

Miss Universe 2013 Day 6-7
The organization selected some contestants to take part in Tony Ward Fashion Show and Yamamay Fashion Show swimwear collection.  Other activities included the tour and filming in Red Square, visiting Gum Department Store Building, and After Party at Rose Bar. 

The photo gallery of the latinas:

Very beautiful Miss Costa Rica

Miss Costa Rica and Miss Nicaragua

Miss Costa Rica and Miss Greece

Miss Netherlands, Miss Namibia and Miss Costa Rica

Miss Greece, Miss Costa Rica and Miss Guatemala

Miss Bolivia

Miss Bolivia and Miss Paraguay

Miss Bolivia and Miss Colombia

Miss Bolivia, Miss Argentina and Miss Paraguay

Miss Panama

Miss Panama and Miss Spain

Miss Ukraine, Miss Australia and Miss Panama

Miss Philippines, Miss Panama and Miss Spain

Miss Spain

Miss Spain and Miss Venezuela

Miss Argentina

Miss Argentina and Miss Chile

Miss Argentina and Miss India

Miss Venezuela

Miss Venezuela, Miss France and Miss Ukraine

Miss Puerto Rico

Miss Russia and Miss Puerto Rico

Miss Nicaragua

Miss Nicaragua and Miss Mexico

Miss Ecuador

Miss Ecuador, Miss Venezuela and Miss Spain

Miss Indonesia, Miss Ecuador and Miss Lithuania

Miss Indonesia, Miss China and Miss Ecuador

Miss Paraguay

Miss Dominican Rep

Miss Dominican Rep, Miss Guatemala, Miss Puerto Rico

Miss Chile

Miss Brazil

Miss Brazil and Miss Argentina

Miss Angola and Miss Brazil

Miss Peru

Miss Peru and Miss Vietnam

Miss Peru, Miss Turks & Caicos and Miss Vietnam

Miss Colombia

Miss El Salvador

Miss El Salvador and the reigning Miss Universe

Miss El Salvador, Miss China and Miss Aruba

Miss El Salvador and Miss Ecuador

Miss Mexico and Miss El Salvador

Miss Honduras

Miss Honduras and Miss South Africa

Miss Guatemala

Miss Guatemala, Miss Peru and Miss Costa Rica

Miss Guatemala, Miss Paraguay and Miss Argentina

(From left) Misses Spain, France, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua and Mexico

(From left) Misses Croatia, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Spain, Bolivia, Indonesia, Ukraine, Australia, Panama and Aruba

(From left) Misses Paraguay, Ecuador, Haiti, Botswana, South Africa and Malaysia

(From left) Misses Canada, Guatemala, Malaysia and Argentina

(From left) Misses Austria, Philippines, Japan, Russia, Venezuela

(From left) Misses China, Bolivia, Guatemala, Paraguay and Colombia

(From left) Misses Peru, Dominican Rep, Costa Rica, Brazil

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