Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Miss Universe 2013 Part II - Departures / Arrivals

The contestants left their countries and started arriving in Moscow. However, Miss Uruguay officially announced that she withdrew from the competition due to the visa problem.   Also, Miss Paraguay deported from Moscow because she did not have a valid visa, she needs to fly back to Paraguay.  I hope Miss Paraguay will solve the problem and come back to Moscow again.  Miss Universe without "2 -Guays" is not Miss Universe!

Miss Puerto Rico

Miss Spain

Miss Panama

Miss Turkey, Miss Panama, Miss Singapore and Miss Namibia

Miss Panama (left) and Miss Nicaragua

(from left): Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Colombia

Miss Puerto Rico (left) and Miss Nicaragua

Miss Ecuador

Miss Peru

Miss Costa Rica (left), unknown, Miss Guatemala (R)

Miss Brazil

Miss Dominican Republic (left)

Miss El Salvador

Miss Guatemala

Miss Venezuela

Miss Mexico

Miss Bolivia

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