Sunday, October 27, 2013

Miss Universe 2013 Part V - Yamamay Swimwear & Photo gallery

Miss Universe 2013 Day 5
Photo gallery of the contestants and the Yamamay Swimwear photos

Miss Bolivia (GODDESS!) 

Miss Bolivia, Miss Guam and Miss Azerbaijan

Miss Croatia, Miss Bolivia and Miss France

Miss Bolivia, Miss Switzerland and Miss Estonia

Miss Bolivia and Miss USA

Miss Great Britain and Miss Bolivia

Miss Puerto Rico

Miss Bahamas and Miss Puerto Rico

Miss Puerto Rico and Miss Canada

Miss Chile (very underrated, Miss Chile is very beautiful)

Miss Serbia and Miss Chile

Miss Spain

Miss Spain and Miss Venezuela

Miss Venezuela

Miss Venezuela and Miss Mauritius

Miss Venezuela and Miss Spain

Miss Venezuela and Miss El Salvador

Miss Dominican Rep (The best black this year)

Miss Dominican Rep and Miss Kazakhstan

Miss Dominican Rep and Miss Russia

Miss Indonesia and Miss Dominican Rep

Miss Nicaragua

Miss Nicaragua, Miss Guatemala and Miss Puerto Rico

(from left) Miss Italy, Miss France and Miss Nicaragua

Miss Peru

Miss Austria, Miss Peru and Miss Czech Rep

Miss Vietnam and Miss Peru

Miss Peru, Japan and Canada

Miss Peru and Miss Bahamas

Miss Colombia

Miss Colombia and Miss Russia

Miss Colombia and Miss Germany

Miss Colombia and Miss Curacao

Miss Costa Rica

Miss Panama

Miss Panama, Miss Costa Rica and Miss Nicaragua

Miss Panama and Miss China

Miss Brazil

Miss Brazil and Miss Vietnam

Miss Angola (left) and Miss Brazil

Miss El Salvador

Miss El Salvador and Miss Puerto Rico

Miss Argentina

Miss Ecuador

Miss Paraguay

Miss Paraguay and Miss Botswana

Miss Honduras

(From left) Miss Norway, Miss Honduras and Miss Curacao

Miss Honduras, Miss Denmark and Miss Germany

Miss Honduras and Miss Czech Rep

Miss Belgium, Miss Honduras and Miss Italy

Miss Mexico

Miss Guatemala

Group Pics

(From left) Misses Angola, Puerto Rico, Thailand and Myanmar

(From left) Misses Myanmar, Switzerland, Thailand, Angola and Puerto Rico

(From left) Misses Colombia, USA, Venezuela and Great Britain

(From left) Misses El Salvador, Guatemala, Venezuela and Spain

(Front left) Gabon, Spain, Venezuela, El Salvador, Tanzania
(Back left) Lebanon, France, Bahamas, Guam and Ghana

Misses Dominican Rep, Vietnam, Peru and Japan

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