Thursday, October 17, 2013

Miss Universe 2013 is approaching...

Exciting! ....Exciting!.... Exciting!   Miss Universe 2013 is approaching.

I personally do not care about any fast tracks in an international pageant. Why do beauty queens need to be good at sports and talent?  I also do not care about beauty queens did any social work or beauty purpose project before.  I hate an international pageant without sashes for the contestants and our fans have to recognize who is who in all daily photos (maybe sashes are their treasure and they could only wear during the official swimsuit pics and in the final)

For me, Miss Universe pageant is still the best pageant, with glamorous headshots, official pics, swimsuit photos, and the Miss Universe website keeps updating our fans the activities and tons of photos and information.  It also keeps the traditional elements of fancy and national costume competition (this is the most important segment in a pageant). Besides, the most exciting swimsuit (we can see the catwalk skills of the contestants) and evening gown competition on stage during the live telecast.  

Miss Universe 2013 will kick off in Moscow, Russia, on 20 October 2013.  87 contestants are expected to participate this year.

Special Feature:

Latinas in Miss Universe 2013: 

1. Argentina: Brenda María González

2. Bolivia: Alexia Laura Viruez Pictor

3. Brasil: Jakelyne de Oliveira Silva

4. Chile: María Jesús Matthei Molina

5. Colombia: Carmen Lucía Aldana Roldán

6. Costa Rica: Fabiana Granados Herrera Parra

7. Ecuador: Constanza María Báez Jalil

8. El Salvador: Alba Maricela Delgado Rubio 

9. España: Patricia Yurena Rodríguez Alonso

10. Guatemala:  Andrea Paulette Samayoa Muy

11. Honduras:  Diana Schoutsen Mendoza

12. México: Cynthia Lizeth Duque Garza

13. Nicaragua: Nastassja Isabella Bolívar Cifuentes

14. Panamá:  Carolina del Carmen Brid Cerrud

15. Paraguay: María Guadalupe González Talavera

16. Perú:  Cindy Paola Mejía Santa María 

17. Puerto Rico: Monic Marie Pérez Díaz

18. República Dominicana:  Yaritza Miguelina Reyes Ramírez

19. Uruguay: Micaela Orsi Jorcín 

20. Venezuela: María Gabriela de Jesús Ísler Morales

The Schedule of Events of Miss Universe 2013: 

Oct 20-24: Contestants arrival 

Oct 25: Welcome Dinner

Oct 26 - Nov 3: Pageant Activities

Nov 3:  National Costume Show 

Nov 5: Preliminary Competition

Nov 9: Miss Universe Final Telecast

Nov 10: Contestant departure

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