Monday, October 28, 2013

Miss Universe 2013 VIII - Fashion Day/ Matryoshka Doll Painting/ CHI Hair Show

Miss Universe 2013 Day 8 
Activities include: Fashion Day at Crocus City Hall, matryoshka doll painting, CHI Hair Show at Atryum Hall

The photo gallery of the latinas: 

Miss Bolivia

Miss Bolivia and Miss Paraguay

Miss France and Miss Bolivia

Miss France, Miss Bolivia and Miss Ecuador

Miss Bolivia, Miss Guatemala, Miss Guam

Miss Bolivia and Miss Ecuador

Miss Chile

Miss Indonesia and Miss Chile

Miss Bahamas and Miss Chile

Miss Chile, Miss Vietnam and Miss South Africa

Miss Bahamas, Miss Chile and Miss Bulgaria

Miss Chile, Miss Argentina, and Miss Switzerland

Miss Puerto Rico

Miss Great Britain, Miss Russia, and Miss Puerto Rico

Miss France, Miss Puerto Rico and Miss Finland

Miss Puerto Rico and Miss China

Miss Paraguay

Miss Paraguay and Miss Japan

Miss China and Miss Paraguay

Miss Venezuela

Miss France, Miss Venezuela and Miss Azerbaijan

Miss Jamaica and Miss Venezuela

Miss Colombia

Miss Colombia and Miss Vietnam

Miss Colombia and Miss Argentina

Miss Spain

Miss China and Miss Spain

Miss Argentina

Miss Indonesia and Miss Argentina

Miss Costa Rica

Miss Panama

Miss Poland, Miss Panama,  Miss Mexico

Miss Peru

Miss Ecuador

Miss El Salvador

Miss El Salvador and Miss Colombia

Miss El Salvador, Miss Colombia and Miss Argentina

Miss Nicaragua

Miss Dominican Rep

Miss Honduras

Miss Trinidad / Tobago & Miss Honduras

Miss Vietnam, Miss Honduras and Miss Indonesia

Group Pics

(From left) Misses Argentina, China, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Colombia

(From left) Misses Korea, Botswana, Paraguay, Slovak Rep

(From left) Misses El Salvador, Guam, Guatemala, Guyana, Bolivia and Honduras

(From left) Misses Bolivia, Guatemala, Vietnam and Colombia

(From left) Misses Brazil, Honduras, South Africa, Japan, Thailand, Paraguay, Bahamas, El Salvador

(From left) Misses Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Costa Rica

(From left) Misses Bahamas, Aruba, Curacao, Brazil and El Salvador

(From left) Misses Botswana, Czech Rep, France, Bolivia and Ecuador

(From left) Misses Guatemala, Guyana, Bolivia and Honduras

(From left) Misses Sweden, Panama, Ecuador and Israel

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