Friday, November 4, 2011

Miss International 2011 Part VII: Blogger's Choice 2nd Runner-up (Special Coverage: Asian Goddess)

*****Asian Goddess, Asian Barbie Doll*****

Miss International 2011, the 51st edition of the Miss International pageant, will be held on November 6, 2011 at the Sichuan Opera Theatre, in Chengdu, China. 67 contestants are busy participating in all activities and competitions in Chengdu now.

Belleza Latinas Blogger's Choice 2nd Runner-up goes to:

Miss Hong Kong, Whitney Hui, Chinese Name: 許亦妮, 22, 164cm

Whitney has a perfect face for Miss International. Frankly, I'm looking for "perfection", I like Whitney because of her:

*****Big Round Eyes*****
*****Deep and Double Eyelids*****
*****Perfect Nose*****
*****Beautiful "Barbie Doll" Face*****
*****Perfect Set of White Teeth*****
*****Beautiful Sunny Pageant Smile*****

It's rare to find such a gorgeous contestant from Hong Kong. Whitney is definitely the prettiest Hong Kong representative at Miss International since "Barbie Doll" Deborah Moore who won Miss Friendship in 1981. She has the "perfection" quality that Miss International is looking for. I hope she will impress the judges by her beautiful face and smile and good communication skills.

Miss Hong Kong and Miss Vietnam

Miss New Zealand, Miss Hong Kong and Miss Sweden

Misses Hong Kong, Guatemala, Bolivia and the Philippines

Miss Hong Kong and Miss New Zealand

Miss Hong Kong and Miss Singapore

Miss Macau and Miss Hong Kong

Miss Philippines and Miss Hong Kong

Misses Hawaii, Macau, Taiwan and Hong Kong

Misses France, Macau, Krgyzstan, Russia, Ms International Chairman, Mr. Hashimoto, Hong Kong and Taiwan

Misses Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and Indonesia

The Official Pics of Miss Hong Kong, Whitney Hui


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  1. Hey Sergio

    I totally agree with your comments on Whitney.
    I really hope she could do well on Sunday!!!

  2. Yes..I hope she will make history for HK!
    Go Whitney!!