Sunday, November 6, 2011

Miss International 2011 Part IX: The Winner of the Blogger's Choice

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The Winner of Belleza Latinas Blogger's Choice Miss International 2011 goes to:

Miss Venezuela, Jessica Barboza, 24, 175cm, Hometown: Maracaibo

Jessica is another Barbie Doll from Latin America in Miss International this year.
She's definitely the best latina (face, figure and overall package) in this pageant. I really hope Jessica will win the crown back-to-back for Venezuela tonight. Also, Miss Macau told her national director that Jessica is a nice and friendly person, we can conclude that Jessica's beauty is inside and out. She truly deserves to win the title this year. Good Luck, Jessica Barboza!!!

The national costume of Jessica Barboza

Miss Venezuela, Miss Panama and Miss Mexico

Miss Macau and Miss Venezuela

Miss Venezuela and Miss Spain

Miss International 2010, Miss Venezuela and Miss Mexico

Misses Indonesia, Tanzania, Venezuela and Mongolia

Miss Turkey, Miss Venezuela and Miss Spain

Miss Venezuela and Miss Vietnam

Miss Venezuela, Miss Vietnam and Miss International 2010

The official pics of Miss Venezuela

Jessica Barboza won Miss Earth Water (2nd Runner-up) in Miss Earth 2009


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