Sunday, October 30, 2011

Miss International 2011 Part I

Miss International 2011, the 51st edition of the Miss International pageant, will be held on November 6, 2011 at the Sichuan Opera Theatre, in Chengdu, China. 67 contestants are busy participating in all activities and competitions in Chengdu now.

17 latinas are competing in Miss International this year, let's meet 5 latinas in our Miss International 2011 Part I:

Miss Honduras, Esthefany Pineda, 18, 170cm

Misses Honduras, Cuba and Dominican Rep

Miss Cuba, Elizabeth Robaina, 23, 158cm

Miss El Salvador, Marcela Santamaría, 19, 172cm

Miss El Salvador and Miss Latvia

Miss Guatmala, Karen Remón, 21, 178cm

Miss Dominican Rep, Catherine Ramírez, 25, 183cm

Group Pics
(From left) Bolivia, Mexico, Peru, Spain, Panama and Venezuela

(From left) Guatmala, El Salvdor, Bolivia, Portugal, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Dominican Rep and Brazil

(From left) Paraguay, Mexico, Portugal, Panama, Ecuador and Brazil

(From left) Ecuador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Portugal, Brazil, El Salvador, Bolivia and Dominican Rep

(From left)Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Panama, Paraguay, Honduras and Venezuela

(From left) Honduras, Peru, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Cuba, The chairman of Miss International, Mr. Hashimoto, Miss International 2010, Colombia, Panama, Paraguay, Spain and Venezuela

Swimsuit Presentation:

National Costumes of the latinas: (from left) Puerto Rico, Spain, Paraguay, Honduras and Peru

Official Swimsuit Photo of all the contestants:

Sightseeing videos of latinas:

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