Sunday, November 3, 2013

Miss Universe 2013 Part XVII - Photo Gallery

Miss Universe hot fever continues....All the contestants attended the party at the Soho Rooms Nightclub in Moscow yesterday.  Plus, some unpublished photos in all previous events: 

Miss Chile

Miss Chile and Miss Croatia

Miss Chile and Miss Bolivia

Miss Chile and Miss Estonia

Miss Bolivia

Miss Bolivia and Miss Ecuador

Miss Bolivia and Miss Japan

Miss Bolivia, Miss Ecuador and Miss Argentina

Miss Dominican Republic

Miss Dominican Rep and Miss Colombia

Miss Denmark and Miss Dominican Rep

Miss Curacao, Miss Dominican Rep and Miss British Virgin Islands

Miss Spain

Miss Poland, Miss Spain and Miss Switzerland

Miss Venezuela

Miss Venezuela and Miss Turks & Caicos

Miss Venezuela and Miss Nicaragua

Miss Paraguay

Miss Slovenia and Miss Paraguay

Miss Paraguay and Miss Malaysia

Miss Paraguay and Miss Hungary

Miss Paraguay and Miss Philippines

Miss Serbia, Miss Slovenia and Miss Paraguay

Miss Puerto Rico

Miss Puerto Rico, Miss Russia, Miss Spain and Miss Trinidad & Tobago

Miss Puerto Rico and Miss Peru

Miss Costa Rica

Miss Costa Rica and Miss Colombia

(From left) Miss Costa Rica, Miss Colombia and Miss Chile

Miss Panama

Miss Panama and Miss Russia

Miss Argentina

Miss Argentina and Miss Chile

Miss Ecuador

Miss Ecuador and Miss Dominican Rep

Miss France and Miss Ecuador

Miss Ecuador, Miss Chile and Miss Argentina

Miss Peru

Miss Peru and Miss Puerto Rico

Miss Peru and Miss Colombia

Miss Nicaragua, Miss Turkey, Miss Turks & Caicos

Miss Nicaragua and Miss Russia

Miss Colombia

Miss Colombia, Miss Nigeria and Miss Azerbaijan

Miss France, Miss China and Miss Colombia

Miss Brazil

Miss Guatemala

Miss Guatemala and Miss Bolivia

Miss Greece and Miss Guatemala

Miss Indonesia and Miss Guatemala

Miss Honduras and Miss Greece

Group Pics

Rehearsal Pic

(Front) Miss South Africa and Miss Trinidad & Tobago (Back from left) Misses Nicaragua, Panama, Russia and Singapore

(Back from left) Misses Venezuela, Ukraine, Turkey, Turks & Caicos (Front) Miss Peru

Miss Guatemala, Miss Bolivia, Miss Peru and Miss Ecuador

Miss Costa Rica, Miss Angola, Miss Ecuador and Miss Brazil

(From left) Misses Ecuador, British Virgin Islands, Chile, Bolivia and Botswana

Misses Chile, Colombia, unknown, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Argentina, Mexico, Nicaragua and Paraguay

(From left) Misses Chile, El Salvador, China, Dominican Rep, Argentina

Misses Costa Rica, Chile, Angola, Ecuador and Bolivia

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