Friday, November 1, 2013

Miss Universe 2013 Part XIII - Photo Gallery

Miss Universe 2013 fever is still on, the contestants took part in many activities, visiting the spa and he Federal Research Center for Pediatrics, the Moscow Raceway, filming at Novodevichy Convent and night filming at the Crowne Plaza Moscow World Trade Center.  

Miss Bolivia 

Miss Bolivia, Miss Peru and Miss Colombia

Miss Austria, Miss Germany, Miss Israel and Miss Bolivia

Miss Chile

Miss Spain

Miss Spain and Miss Canada

Miss Spain, Miss Venezuela and Miss Ecuador

Miss Puerto Rico

Miss Lithuania, Miss Netherlands and Miss Puerto Rico

Miss Paraguay

Miss Paraguay, Miss Costa Rica and Miss Panama

Miss Venezuela

Miss Venezuela and Miss USA

Miss Venezuela, Miss Indonesia and Miss Philippines

Miss Argentina

Miss USA, Miss Argentina and Miss Venezuela

Miss Costa Rica

Miss Ecuador

Miss Ecuador and Miss Russia

Miss Nicaragua

Miss Turks & Caicos & Miss Nicaragua

Miss Nicaragua and Miss Tanzania

Miss Colombia

Miss Colombia, Miss Costa Rica and Miss Finland

Miss Vietnam and Miss Colombia

Miss Panama and Miss Sweden

Miss Brazil

Miss Angola, Miss Brazil and Miss El Salvador

Miss Dominican Rep

Miss Slovak Rep and Miss Dominican Rep

Miss Mauritius and Miss Dominican Rep

Miss Ethiopia, Miss British Virgin Islands and Miss Dominican Rep

Miss Peru

Miss Peru and Miss Belgium

Miss Peru and Miss Colombia

Miss Guatemala

Miss Guatemala and Miss Paraguay

Miss El Salvador

Miss El Salvador, Miss Brazil and Miss Canada

Miss Honduras

Miss Vietnam and Miss Honduras

Miss Honduras and Miss Spain

Miss Jamaica and Miss Honduras

Miss Honduras, Miss Slovak Rep, Miss Serbia

Miss Mexico

Miss Mexico and Miss Spain

Group Pics

(From left) Misses Bulgaria, El Salvador, Brazil, Canada, Mauritius, Dominican Rep and Croatia

(From left) Misses Curacao, El Salvador, Brazil and Dominican Rep

(From left) Misses Argentina, El Salvador, Colombia, Costa Rica and Estonia

(From left) Misses Puerto Rico, France, China, Finland, Czech Rep, USA, Venezuela, Lithuania, Estonia, Singapore

(From left) Misses Mexico, Poland, Panama, India, Italy, Belgium

(From left) Misses Dominican Rep, Chile, Great Britain, Argentina

(From left) Misses Colombia, Romania, El Salvador, Guyana, Chile, Argentina

(From left) Misses Angola, El Salvador, Colombia and Brazil

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