Friday, November 1, 2013

Miss Universe 2013 Part XIV - National Gift Auction

 Miss Universe 2013 Day 11, the National Gift Auction was held at Crocus City Hall, Moscow.  

The photo gallery of the latinas:

Miss Argentina (This beauty is way too underrated, she is beautiful)

Miss USA and Miss Argentina

Miss Universe 2012, Olivia Culpo and Miss Argentina

Miss Argentina and Miss Chile

Miss Argentina and Miss Costa Rica

Miss Bolivia

Miss Bolivia and Miss Botswana

Miss Bolivia and Miss Argentina

Miss Costa Rica

Miss Costa Rica and Miss El Salvador

Miss Costa Rica and Miss Spain

Miss Costa Rica and Miss Colombia

Miss Spain

Miss Spain, Miss Malaysia and Miss Venezuela

Miss Spain and Miss Chile

Miss Spain and Miss Brazil

Miss Chile

Miss Chile and Miss Germany

Miss Chile and Miss Ukraine

Miss Croatia, Miss Chile and Miss Slovenia

Miss China, Miss Chile, Miss Singapore and Miss Myanmar

Miss Poland and Miss Chile

Miss Azerbaijan, Miss Turkey and Miss Chile

Miss Paraguay

Miss Venezuela

Miss Venezuela, Miss Ecuador and Miss Spain

Miss Brazil

Miss Bahamas, Miss Brazil and Miss Turks & Caicos

Miss Puerto Rico

Miss Czech Rep, Miss Finland and Miss Puerto Rico

Miss Puerto Rico, Miss Dominican Rep and Miss Chile

Miss Dominican Rep

Miss Panama

Miss Colombia

Miss Colombia and Miss Chile

Miss Denmark, Miss Colombia and Miss Guyana

Miss Guatemala

Miss Ecuador

Miss Ecuador and Miss USA

Miss Lithuania and Miss Ecuador

Miss Peru

Miss Vietnam and Miss Peru

Miss El Salvador

Miss Nicaragua

Miss Honduras

Miss Honduras and Miss South Africa

Miss Mexico

Miss Mexico, Miss Canada and Miss USA

Group Pics

(From left) Misses Honduras, Ecuador, Mexico, Colombia and Paraguay

(From left) Misses Belgium, Honduras, Panama and Switzerland

(From left) Misses Paraguay, Argentina, Denmark and India

(From left) Misses Turks & Caicos, Bahamas, Bolivia and Mexico

(From left) Misses New Zealand, Ecuador, Bulgaria and Thailand

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