Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Miss Continente Americano 2012

Miss Continente Americano 2012, the 7th annual contest of Miss Continente Americano, was held in Guayaquil, Ecuador on 29 September 2012. 21 contestants from the American continent competed for the title.

Miss Continente Americano 2012:
Miss Brazil, Camila de Lima Serakides, 23, 178cm, from Sao Paulo.

1st Runner'up:
Miss Panamá, Maricely del Carmen González, 24, 173cm, she also placed top 30 in Miss World 2012.

2nd Runner-up:
Miss Argentina, Josefina José Herrero, 17, 178cm, also competed in Miss World 2012.

Top 6 (Costa Rica, México and Paraguay):
Miss Costa Rica, Fabiana Granados Herrera, 21, 172cm, she also won the Most Beautiful Face Award.

Miss México, Karen Joselin Padilla, 21, 174cm. She also won Miss Photogenic.

Miss Paraguay, Liliana Noemí Santa Cruz, 25, 183cm

Other contestants:
Miss Belize, Chantae Chanice Guy, 20, 178cm, also competed in Miss World 2012

Miss Bolivia, Luz Daliana Acosta Castellón, 21, 173cm

Miss Canada, Kesiah Kathleen Liane, 20, 171cm, the winner of Miss Congeniality

Miss Chile, Camila Andrea Stuardo, 23, 178cm, also competed in Miss Earth 2011.

Miss Colombia, Ana Melissa Cano, 21, 175cm, the winner of Best National Costume (see below)

Miss Ecuador, Tatiana Katherine Loor, 20, 173cm, also competed in Miss International 2012.

Miss El Salvador, Maria Luisa Vicuña, 18, 175cm, she also competed in Miss World 2012

Miss Guatemala, Andrea Alejandra Morales Teo, 19, 175cm

Miss Honduras, Rosmery Natalí Arauz Mejía, 18, 170cm

Miss Nicaragua, Violeta Majano Gutiérrez, 24, 171cm

Miss Perú, Cindy Mejía Santa María, 25, 174cm, she is Miss Perú Universo 2013.

Miss Puerto Rico, Jennifer Guevara Campos, 25, 178cm, she also competed in Miss World 2007 and made top 16.

Miss República Dominicana, Carolyn Jesabel Hawa Rodríguez, 23, 179cm

Miss Uruguay, Valentina Henderson, 18, 179cm, she also competed in Miss World 2012.

Miss Venezuela, Andrea Estefanía Vásquez, 21, 178cm

The group picture of the contestants of Miss Continente Americano 2012

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