Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Only 3! Only 3! Happiness & Sadness in MU09!

Yesterday, I watched the re-run of the Miss Universe Pageant 2009 with some missologists. Before the show, I told them not to tell me the results as if I was watching the live telecast.

Wow..so exciting..so exciting to watch the opening "parade of nations"

For my preference, I still prefer all latin costumes, they caught my eyes, I like huge, colourful & exaggerating things! I was so happy at that time....

Then, the announcement of top 15, an unexpected sadness....

9 European Gals!!

and ONLY 3 LATINAS made it!! Oh my goodness.....

I felt downcast and wanted to cry at that time....how come??!!!! I didn't even want to speak a single word at that moment, my goddess Miss Guatemala failed to make it...

Maybe MUO wanted one of the Europeans to win the title, performance-wise, Europeans gave mediocre performance on stage, unlike 3 latinas, the runway skills of those european gals were not good, plain and boring, no sparks on stage! I would also give the highest scores to 3 latinas, honestly, their performance outshined all european girls.

Albania - Hey miss, this is not a modelling contest, please smile! But she looks weird when she forced herself to smile and showed her ugly teeth! She should not have made it, Miss Guatemala is far better than her!

Belgium - just a cute girl, that's it!

Czech Rep - How could she win that modelling contest with such a poor catwalk? Her facial beauty is ok, she's the best european for me

Kosovo - I don't find her attractive, not perfect set of white teeth

Iceland - OK pretty

France - so average

Croatia, Sweden & Switzerland - so plain, they didn't know how to walk, how to present themselves; I would have replaced them with Guatemala, Peru, Honduras or Colombia

After the swimsuit & evening gown competitions, these 3 gorgeous latinas advanced to the top 5, I was shocked when Venezuela won back-to-back! Congratulations to Venezuela, Dominican Rep & Puerto Rico!

I have never expected a latina to win this year, but I expected there might have at least 5-6 semi-finalists. People think they are not strong this year, the more pics I can see, the more I like them!

Beauty is subjective! I think latinas are well-prepared, more aggressive, more beautiful, more sparkling on stage. I don't mind seeing all top 15 are latinas if they are deserving.

又看完了一年環姐, 可說 40% 開心, 60%失望

今年賽前冇諗住 latina 會贏, 但好希望佢地取得至少 5-6 席位...最後得 3 個入, 係 3 個, 以 top 15 黎計, 真係小得可憐!

但開心係賽事峰迴路轉, 最後由委內瑞拉小姐勝出, 多明尼加共和國亞軍, 波多黎各第五, 只有 3 位拉美佳麗, 但都撐到去最後同贏埋, 抵讚!

細個開始識睇環姐, 世姐的時候, 最先認識同會引起我注意既佳麗係 10 位南美州既佳麗, 覺得佢地好靚, 完美到像娃娃臉一樣, 最喜愛是她們的民族服裝, 好特別!

到後來多謝幾位選美友人燒給的80s-90s 環姐/世姐DVDs, 發覺自己最經常翻睇果幾屆係多 latinas 入圍的, 如:
MU: 85,86,87, 90, 91, 93, 95, 98, 03, 04, 05, 06, 08
MW: 96,98,00

最鍾意係翻睇宣佈入圍, 聽到司儀不停宣佈入圍既國家係拉美 19 國或者加埋spain, 係好戥佢地開心, 我都唔知點解哩
好似我鍾意睇既 85: Chile - Uruguay - Brazil - Puerto Rico - Spain - Venezuela
90 雖然質素唔好, 但宣佈入圍 top 10 既 moment 我都好開心: Colombia - Mexico - Chile - Bolivia - Venezuela

相反佢地少入圍果幾屆, 除民族服裝果部份, 其餘我就好冇興趣想翻睇, 我諗今屆環姐我好少會翻睇 top 15 果部份!

另外, 每年環姐或世姐總有一兩位"我最喜愛佳麗", 亦被傳媒視為大熱門, 但往往連 semi-final 都入唔到:
05: Chile - Renata Ruiz
05: Costa Rica - Leonora Jimenez
07: Paraguay - Maria Jose Maldonado
08: Panama - Carolina Dementiev
到今年, 危地馬拉小姐真係入唔到, 宣佈完 top 15 好失望, 好唔開心, 危地馬拉咁難得先派到個咁靚去比賽, 又落力, 又主動積極, prelim 表現令人滿意, 最終要輸比好幾位平庸到嘔既歐洲女, 唉, 10 級失望!

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  1. 我都係第一次見你咁失望既失望樣, 不過唔緊要既, 我地鍾意睇選美就係咁, 有時要為自己捧既佳麗失望囉... 下年再黎過啦!!