Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Miss Universe 2009 Swimsuit Pics Group 1

Miss Peru, beautiful, sunny smile, hot body + sexy pose! Beauty Index: 9.680

Miss Guatemala, the best Miss Guatemala since 2000s, love her! Beauty Index: 9.412

Miss Paraguay, she's definitely a dark horse! Beauty Index: 9.400

Miss Mexico, Beauty Index: 9.350

Miss Argentina, surprised us! Beauty Index: 9.050

Miss Costa Rica, Beauty Index: 9.121

Miss Bolivia, Beauty Index: 8.888

Miss Panama: very bad angle in this pic. Beauty Index: 8.550

Miss Brazil, another bad pic but nice figure, Beauty Index: 8.995

Besides the above latin contestants, i like:
Miss Australia, what an angel face! Beauty index: 9.300

Miss Czech Republic, Beauty Index: 9.050 (however, this is her bad pic i have ever seen, very bad angle!)

Miss Montenegro, Beauty Index: 8.988



    Andi - Indonesia

  2. la mujer es el ser mas hermoso hecho x el creador