Saturday, August 15, 2009

Miss Universe 2009 Official National Costumes & Results

Miss Universe 2009 - National Costumes Parade
Official Results:
Winner: Miss Panama
1st Runner-up: Miss Nicaragua
2nd Runner-up: Miss Thailand

Latinas placed the top 2. Bravo!! I'm so so happy with the results! Hehe Congratulations to Panama & Nicaragua!

Miss Panama - the official result of Miss Universe 2009 Best National Costume Award Winner!!

Miss Nicaragua - 1st Runner-up of Best national costume in MU2009

Miss Argentina

Miss Bolivia, this costume is similar to Miss Bolivia 1970, who also won Best National Costume Award in MU70


Miss Brazil

Miss Colombia

Miss Costa Rica

Miss Dominican Rep.

Miss Ecuador

Miss El Salvador

Miss Guatemala

Miss Honduras

Miss Mexico

Miss Paraguay

Miss Peru

Miss Puerto Rico

Miss Spain

Miss Uruguay

Miss Venezuela

Miss Bahamas - the best costume, I love that, it's so HUUUUUUUGE!!

Miss Egypt

Miss Curacao

Miss Netherlands - Finally I can see a big costume from the Netherlands, it represents the windmills of her country, thanks for her director, Kim Knotter.

Miss Turks & Caicos