Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Miss Universe 2009 FINAL

The pageant was over, I was delighted to watch the pageant with some pageant fans tonight, I should be happy with the results, however.....(sorry! it's midnight, I will share my thoughts tomorrow)

The Official Results of Miss Universe 2009:
Miss Universe 2009: Miss Venezuela
1st Runner-up: Miss Dominican Rep
2nd Runner-up: Miss Kosovo
3rd Runner-up: Miss Australia
4th Runner-up: Miss Puerto Rico

Miss Congeniality - China
Miss Photogenic – Thailand

Miss Universe 2009, Stefanía Fernández from Venezuela

I was genuinely moved. Venezuela won back-to-back!

So exciting, top 2 were dominated by latinas again ^o^

Wow...Beautiful Karen Schwarz, Miss Peru, was on the right

Top 15 (Order of Announcement):

Puerto Rico
Czech Republic
Dominican Republic
South Africa

After the swimsuit competition, the final 10 were chosen with their scores:

Australia – 9.264
Dominican Republic – 9.189
Kosovo – 8.790
Venezuela – 8.760
France – 8.640
Switzerland – 8.611
Puerto Rico – 8.533
South Africa – 8.460
Czech Republic – 8.350
USA – 8.060

Eliminated: Albania, Belgium, Sweden, Croatia & Iceland

Top 5 with their official scores:
Dominican Republic – 9.428
Kosovo – 9.25
Puerto Rico – 9.05
Australia – 9.039
Venezuela – 8.869

Her final Question and Answer:

From Judge 7 – Andre Leon Talley

“In many parts of the world obstacles still exist that impede women from achieving their goals in some corporations. What can women do to overcome this?”

Stefanía – I believe nowadays we women have overcome many obstacles and I do believe we have reached the same level as men have. We must realize there are no longer any barriers amongst us.

The performance of Stefanía during the swimsuit competition:

Our new Miss Universe, Stefanía Fernández from Venezuela and Donald Trump

The new Miss Universe 2009, Donald Trump and Miss Universe 2008, Dayana Mendoza from Venezuela

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