Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Miss Universe 2012 Part 2 - Departures/Arrivals/Fittings and Registrations

(Day 2)

So many contestants arrived in Las Vegas. Fittings and registrations continue....

Miss El Salvador

Miss Venezuela

Miss Colombia

Miss Poland (left) and Miss Colombia

Miss Ecuador

Miss Bolivia

Miss Peru

Miss Spain

Miss Guatemala

(from left) Miss Brazil, Miss Honduras and Miss Nicaragua

Miss Nicaragua

Miss British Virgin Is. and Miss Nicaragua

(from left) Miss Georgia, Miss British Virgin Is. and Miss Nicaragua

Miss Costa Rica

Miss Costa Rica, Miss El Salvador and Miss Nicaragua

Miss Puerto Rico

Miss Panama

Miss Panama (left) and Miss Spain

Miss Honduras

Miss Dominican Rep.

Group Pics:
(from left) Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Colombia and Mexico

(from left) Paraguay, Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela and Argentina

Other beautiful non-latin contestants:
Miss Georgia

Miss Netherlands

Miss Australia

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