Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Miss Universe 2012 Part 13 - National Costumes

The national costume competition of Miss Universe 2012.

My favourite latin costumes:

The best latin national costume: Miss Uruguay
This is non-traditional Uruguayan costume. This costume is funny, cute and very creative. I like the "sun" she is carrying. It also symbolizes the Uruguayan flag. You can tell she is Miss Uruguay from this costume without wearing the sash.

1st runner-up national costume: Miss Colombia
Love this costume, it is very bright and colorful. I personally love two macaws so much.

2nd runner-up national costume: Miss Panama
Another eye-catching huge costume from Panama!

4. Miss Mexico

5. Miss Nicaragua

6. Miss Ecuador

7. Miss Brazil

8. Miss Honduras

9. Miss Bolivia

10. Miss Peru

11. Miss Chile

12. Miss Venezuela

13. Miss Guatemala

14. Miss Argentina

15. Miss El Salvador

16. Miss Paraguay

17. Miss Puerto Rico

18. Miss Dominican Republic

19. Miss Costa Rica

20. Miss Spain

Other spectacular national costumes:
Miss South Africa

Miss Indonesia

Miss Netherlands

Miss USA

Miss Angola

Miss Sri Lanka

Miss Trinidad & Tobago

Miss Israel

Miss New Zealand

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