Monday, December 17, 2012

Miss Universe 2012 Part 10 - Caesars Palace/ Pure Night Club/ Canvas Paintings/ Prelim Swimsuit briefing/ Rehearsals

Miss Universe fever continues....
The contestants are filming segments at Caesars Palace, Pure Night Club around Las Vegas. Besides, they created canvas paintings for a fundraiser benefitting Cure 4 the Kids Foundation from the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.

The contestants also met the preliminary judges for interviews and posed in Kooey Australia swimsuit. Most importantly, the rehearsals during the final week....

The photo gallery:
1. Miss Ecuador

Miss Ecuador, Miss Panama and Miss Nigeria

Misses India, Aruba, Ecuador and Dominican Rep

Miss Ecuador, Miss Bahamas and Miss Aruba

2. Miss El Salvador

Miss El Salvador and Miss Ukraine

3. Miss Venezuela

Miss Venezuela and Miss Poland

Miss Poland, Miss Venezuela and Miss Romania

Misses Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia and Poland

Miss Ukraine and Miss Venezuela

Miss Venezuela and Miss Vietnam

Misses Venezuela, Uruguay, USA and Vietnam

4. Miss Bolivia

Miss Bolivia, Miss Peru and Miss Poland

Miss Bolivia and Miss Brazil

Miss Bolivia, Miss Chile and Miss Guatemala

Misses Bolivia, Nicaragua, Mexico and Paraguay

5. Miss Chile

Miss New Zealand and Miss Chile

Miss Chile and Miss Bolivia

Miss Chile, Miss Bolivia and Miss Peru

6. Miss Paraguay

Miss South Africa and Miss Paraguay

Misses Paraguay, Peru, Poland and the Philippines

Misses Paraguay, El Salvador, Ecuador and Dominican Rep

7. Miss Colombia

Miss Colombia, Miss South Africa and Miss New Zealand

Miss Colombia and Miss Ecuador

Miss Colombia and Miss Honduras

Misses Vietnam, Colombia, Guatemala and Bolivia

8. Miss Puerto Rico

Miss Turkey, Miss Puerto Rico and Miss Russia

Miss Puerto Rico and Miss South Africa

Misses Puerto Rico, Poland, South Africa and Spain

9. Miss Mexico

Miss Mexico and Miss Paraguay

Misses Guyana, Mexico, Paraguay and Ghana

Miss Georgia, Miss Mexico and Miss Aruba

10. Miss Guatemala

Miss Guatemala and Miss Colombia

11. Miss Brazil

Miss Bahamas, Miss Brazil and Miss Ecuador

Miss Brazil and Miss Mexico

Miss Brazil and Miss Turkey

Misses Brazil, Great Britain, Ireland and Jamaica

Miss Brazil and Miss Angola

12. Miss Spain

13. Miss Peru

Miss Peru and Miss Paraguay

Miss Peru and Miss Brazil

Miss Peru and Miss Panama

Miss Peru, Miss Panama and Miss Nicaragua

14. Miss Nicaragua

Miss Nicaragua and Miss El Salvador

15. Miss Panama

Miss Albania, Miss Panama and Miss Jamaica

16. Miss Argentina

Misses Poland, Croatia, Argentina and Chile

Miss Argentina, Miss Bolivia and Miss Chile

17. Miss Uruguay

Miss Uruguay, Miss Spain and Miss Vietnam

Miss Vietnam and Miss Uruguay

18. Miss Costa Rica

19. Miss Dominican Rep

Miss France and Miss Dominican Rep

Miss Dominican Rep, Miss Ecuador and Miss Curacao

Miss Dominican Rep, Miss Sweden and Miss Turkey

20. Miss Honduras

Miss Honduras and Miss Poland

Miss Honduras and Miss Hungary

Grooup Pics:

Misses British Virgin Islands, Paraguay, New Zealand, South Africa and Chile

Misses British Virgin Islands, Ghana, Chile, Guyana, Mexico

Misses Venezuela, South Africa, Netherlands, Guatemala and Honduras

Misses Guatemala, Venezuela, Netherlands, Honduras and New Zealand

Misses Guatemala, Venezuela, South Africa, Netherlands and Honduras

Misses Guatemala, Bolivia, Belgium, France and Colombia

Special Mention:
Miss South Africa

Miss Netherlands

Miss Australia

Miss Poland

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