Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Miss International 2010 Part III: Photo Gallery of Latinas

Miss International 2010 Photo Gallery of Latinas Part III

Special Feature: Mexico, Colombia, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Spain, Panama and Bolivia

Miss Mexico

Miss Canada (left) and Miss MExico

Miss Colombia

Miss Colombia and Miss Thailand

Miss Nicaragua and Miss Colombia

(From left) Miss Aruba, Miss Colombia and Miss Dominican Rep

Miss Paraguay

Miss Philippines and Miss Paraguay (well....Miss Philippines's facial beauty is flawless but look at her figure!!)

Miss Thailand and Miss Paraguay

Miss Pargauay and Miss Panama

Miss Pargauay and Miss Venezuela

Miss Nicaragua

Miss Nicaragua and Miss International 2009

(From left) Miss Chile, Miss Aruba, Miss Colombia and Miss Nicaragua

Miss Spain

Miss Guatemala and Miss Spain

Miss Peru, Miss Mexico, Miss Costa Rica, Miss Paraguay, Miss Venezuela and Miss Spain

Miss Panama

Miss Bolivia

Miss Costa Rica, Miss Dominican Rep, Miss Bolivia

Miss Chile and Miss Bolivia


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