Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Miss International 2010 Final

Miss International 2010, the 50th Miss International pageant, will be held at Sichuan Province Gymnasium in Chengdu, China on 7 November 2010. 70 contestants are competing for the title this year.

The winner of Miss International 2010 is Miss Venezuela, Elizabeth Mosquera, 19, 1.77m, Hometown: Trujillo

Thailand is the 1st Runner-up and China is the 2nd Runner-up

Miss International 2010 is Miss Venezuela

Miss International 2010 from Venezuela and the 1st Runner-up Miss Thailand

The 1st Runner-up is Miss Thailand (left) and 2nd Runner-up is Miss China (Right)
I think Miss China is ugggggghhhhhh

Although I was shouting "Peru" before the host announced the winner, I was glad that another latina captured the crown at the end.

Miss Costa Rica also made top 15 this year, this mini goddess is simply stunning!

Top 15 (Announcement Order):
1. China
2. France
3. India
4. Korea
5. Philippines
6. Serbia
7. Thailand
8. Venezuela
9. Costa Rica
10. Germany
11. Japan
12. Peru
13. Puerto Rico
14. Spain
15. Turkey

Special Awards:
Miss Friendship - Indonesia
Miss Goodwill - Mauritius
Miss Photogenic - Mexico
Miss Internet - China
Miss Garden - Ukraine
Miss Active - Mongolia
Miss Expressive - Philippines
Miss Best Body - Lithuania
Miss Elegant - Japan
Miss National Costume - Brazil

The Announcement of Top 15:

The Crowning Moment of Miss International 2010:


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