Thursday, October 28, 2010

Miss International 2010 Part I: Group Pics of Latinas

Miss International 2010, the 50th Miss International pageant, will be held at Sichuan Province Gymnasium in Chengdu, China on 7 November 2010. 69 contestants are competing for the title this year.

Here is the official list of the contestants from Latin America in Miss International 2010:

1. Bolivia - Ximena Vargas, 22, 1.75m, Hometown: Santa Cruz
2. Brazil - Lílian Lopes Pereira, 19, 1.74m, Hometown: Manaus
3. Chile - Tanya Del Solar Prussing, 24, 1.70m, Hometown: Santiago
4. Colombia - Viviana Gómez, 21, 1.70m, Hometown: Yotoco
5. Costa Rica - Mariela Aparicio, 23, 1.75m, Hometown: San Isidro del General
6. Dominican Republic - Sofinel Báez, 20, 1.80m, Hometown: Santo Domingo
7. Ecuador - Andrea Suárez, 23, 1.80m, Hometown: Loja
8. Guatemala - Claudia Garcia, 20, 1.70m, Hometown: Chimaltenango
9. Mexico - Gabriela Palacio Díaz, 21, 1.76m, Hometown: Aguascalientes
10. Nicaragua - Indira Rojas, 23, 1.75m, Hometown: Rivas
11. Panama - Michelle Ostler, 25, 1.72m, Hometown: Panama City
12. Paraguay - María José Paredes, 19, 1.73m, Hometown: Ciudad del Este
13. Peru - Laura Spoya, 19, 1.76m, Hometown: Lima
14. Puerto Rico - Aideliz Hidalgo, 23, 1.80m, Hometown: Santurce
15. Venezuela - Elizabeth Mosquera, 19, 1.77m, Hometown: Trujillo

Here are some of the group pics of the latinas in the pageant:

(Front row from the left) Ecuador, Mexico and Puerto Rico
(Back row from the left) Guatemala, Spain, Venezuela, Paraguay, Dominican Rep and Nicaragua

Some latin contestants took a pic with a lovely panda in Chengdu, Sichuan Province

(From left) Misses Czech Rep, Colombia, France, Brazil, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Japan, Guatemala and Puerto Rico

(From left) unknown, Spain, Venezuela, China, Brazil and France

(From left) Misses Aruba, Dominican Rep, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Colombia and Nicaragua

(From left) Misses Japan, Puerto Rico, Brazil and France

(From left) unknown, Brazil, Costa Rica and Japan

(From left) Misses Costa Rica, Brazil, Mexico and France

(From left) Misses Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama

(From left) Misses Guatemala, Mexico, unknown, Philippines, Panama, Brazil, Spain, Aurba and unknown

(From left) Misses Spain, Paraguay, Dominican Rep, Chile, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico and Guatemala

(From left) Misses Nicaragua, Guatemala, Colombia (front), Venezuela (back), Chile and Peru

(From left) Misses Paraguay, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Mexico, Martinique and Spain

(From left) Misses Puerto Rico, Chile, Mexico, Dominican Rep and Spain

(From left) Misses South Africa, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Brazil and Japan

(Front row from the left) Venezuela, Costa Rica, Bolivia and Dominican Rep
(Back row from the left) Colombia, Aruba, Nicaragua, Chile and Ecuador

(From left) Misses Dominican Rep, Colombia, Guadeloupe, Aruba and Ecuador

Miss Nicaragua (Middle in the front), Miss Bolivia (Right in the front), Back row: Miss Ecuador (2nd from the Right) and Miss Guatemala (Right)

(From left) Misses Chile, Dominican Rep, Panama, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Colombia, Nicaragua and Aruba

(From left) Misses Venezuela, unknown, Paraguay, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Chile

(From left) Misses Sweden, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Paraguay, Peru, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Chile

(From left) Misses Ecuador, Nicaragua, Colombia, Aruba, Spain, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Paraguay, Venezuela, Peru, Guatemala and Chile

The group pics of all 69 contestants this year

Miss International 2009, Anagabriela Espinoza of Mexico, arrived in Chengdu

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