Saturday, September 4, 2010

Miss Supranational 2010: Miss Panama (Latina again)

Miss Supranational is a new beauty contest which has been organized by the World Beauty Association (WBA). WBA started to launch the pageant in Poland last year and the winner was Miss Ukraine.

Miss Supranational 2010 is the second edition of the contest; the final night of the pageant took place in Poland again on 28 August 2010. 66 beautiful young ladies were vying for crown this year.

Here are the official results of the contest:

Miss Supranational 2010 - Karina Pinilla Corro (Panama)

1st Runner Up - Miss Czech Republic
2nd Runner Up - Miss Slovenia
3rd Runner Up - Miss Peru
4th Runner Up - Miss Thailand

TOP 20 Finalists

Miss Albania,
Miss Belgium,
Miss Brazil, (semi-finalist in Miss World 2009)
Miss Colombia,

Miss Czech Republic
Miss Finland
Miss Gambia
Miss Greece
Miss Honduras
Miss Korea
Miss Lithuania
Miss Panama
Miss Peru

Miss Poland
Miss Portugal
Miss Romania
Miss Russia
Miss Slovenia
Miss Thailand
Miss Venezuela (semi-finalist in Miss International 2009)

Miss Supranational 2010 is Miss Panama

(From L to R) 4th RU - Thailand; 2nd RU - Slovenia; Miss Supranational 2010 winner - Panama; 3rd RU - Peru and 1st RU - Czech Republic

Miss Panama also won the Best National Costume Award

Official Headshot of Miss Panama

The evening gown pic of Miss Panama

Latin Beauties: Honduras, Ecuador, Venezuela, Panama and Paraguay

Miss Honduras, Miss Venezuela and Miss Panama

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