Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Miss Continente Americano 2010

Miss Continente Americano 2010, the 5th edition of the pageant, was held in Guayaquil, Ecuador on 18 September 2010. The official results are as follows:

The winner of Miss Continente Americano 2010:

Miss Peru, Giuliana Zevallos, 22, 180cm, Hometown: Lima

Top 6 finalists

Miss Peru also won the Best National Costume Award

1st Runner-up:

Miss Mexico, Karla Carillo, 22, 176cm, Hometown: Guadalajara

2nd Runner-up:

Miss Brazil, Marylia Bernardt, 21, 178cm, Hometown: Medianeira

Top 6 finalists (#4-#6):

Miss Colombia, Viviana Gómez, 22, 173cm, Hometown: Yotoco

Miss Dominican Rep, Alma Álvarez, 19, 178cm, Hometown: Santiago

Miss Venezuela, Gabriela Concepción, 20, 181cm, Hometown: Puerto Cabello

Reminders include:

Miss Argentina, Mariana Arambarry, 21, 177cm, Hometown: Ingeniero Luiggi

Miss Bolivia, Paula Peñarrieta, 21, 178cm, Hometown: Cochabamba

MIss Canada, Chanel Beckenlehner, 22, 175cm, Hometown: Toronto

Miss Chile, Sofía Viacava Canessa, 22, 180cm, Hometown: Santiago

Miss Costa Rica, Alejandra Álvarez, 24, 168cm, Hometown: San José

Miss Ecuador, Lady Mina, 24, 171cm, Hometown: Guayaquil

Miss El Salvador, Sonia Cruz, 20, 173cm, Hometown: San Salvador

Miss Guatemala, Wendy Albizurez, 21, 170cm, Hometown: Chimaltenango

Miss Honduras, Karen Sabillón Sarmiento, 21, 169cm, Hometown: Santa Bárbara

Miss Nicaragua, Scharllette Allen, 18, 183cm, Hometown: Bluefields

MIss Panama, Joan Nachell Ramos, 23, 178cm, Hometown: Panama City

Miss Paraguay, María José Paredes González, 19, 173cm, Hometown: Ciudad del Este

Miss Puerto Rico, Nicole De La Torre, 19, 173cm, Hometown: Cabo Rojo

Miss Uruguay, Eliana Sabrina Olivera Gonnet, 22, 176cm, Montevideo

Miss Argentina, Miss Mexico and Miss Honduras

Misses Costa Rica, Chile, Guatemala and Honduras

Miss Mexico and Miss Dominican Rep

Misses Paraguay, Honduras and Mexico

(From L to R) Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and El Salvador

Misses Guatemala, Panama, Colombia, Canada and Argentina

Misses Uruguay, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama and Bolivia

Some group photos:

The crowning moment of Miss Continente Americano 2010

Special Awards:

Miss Photogenic: Canada

Miss Congeniality: Brazil

Most Beautiful Face: Peru

Best National Costume: Peru

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