Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Señorita Colombia 2009 Part VI

(No mood to write.....very disappointed, very upset)

Señorita Colombia 2009 is Señorita Bolívar, Natalia Navarro Galvis, 22, 179cm, she will represent Colombia in Miss Universe 2010.

1st Runner-up: Meta

2nd Runner-up: Cundinamarca

3rd Runner-up: Antioquia

4th Runner-up: Atlántico

Top 10

The top 5 finalists (from L: Cundinamarca,Antioquia,Atlantico,Meta & Bolivar) -__-

Señorita Bogota should have won, poor Juliana, how could the judges give such low scores to this goddess in all categories. Juliana, please try Miss Mundo Colombia next year!

The Opening (State Costumes):

Evening Gown Competition I:

Evening Gown Competition II:

Top 10 Announcement:

Top 10 Swimsuit Competition:
(Goddess Bogota got low score 9.2 vs Bolivar 9.9!!....WTF!!)

Top 5 Announcement:

The crowning moment of Señorita Colombia 2009:

Farewell to Señorita Colombia 2008, Michelle Rouillard

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