Saturday, November 14, 2009

Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2010 (II)

Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2010 was held in San Juan, Puerto Rico last night.
The winner was my favourite Mariana Paola Vicente Morales, she's 20, 5'8", representing the state of Rio Grande.

Official Results of Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2010:
Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2010: Miss Rio Grande
1st Runner-up: Miss Carolina
2nd Runner-up: Miss Cayey
3rd Runner-up: Miss Mayagüez
4th Runner-up: Miss Hatillo

I like Mariana since the beginning of the pageant. In my opinion, this Barbie girl looks like Int'l Pop Diva Madonna. I am happy with the results this time and they picked the best girl. In my coverage Part I, I chose 4 of my favourites in the pageant, and finally these 4 girls made the top 5, bravo!

The announcement of the winner of Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2010

Photo Gallery of Mariana Vicente


  1. she needs to LOOK MORE LATIN!!

  2. Haha I know... Puerto Rican women are beautiful in their own way. They don't have to look so American/European

  3. We have a bit of everything...all colors, sizes, and styles.

  4. What a dumb statement. Latinas come in all shapes, sizes and colors. I don't see the reason for her "TO HAVE TO LOOK MORE LATINA". She is 100% Puerto Rican and she has to show the diversity we have. I have green eyes and blonde hair. Does that make me less Latina or less Puerto Rican? I am so proud of my roots and proud of her. God bless her.

  5. Anonymous:
    I agree latinas are diverse in beauty!

    After Miss Universe 2010, I would like to say that Mariana is the most natural looking Miss Puerto Rico in recent years, in terms of facial beauty, she looks better than Alba Reyes, Cynthia Olavarria, Zuleyka Rivera, Uma Blasini, Ingrid Rivera, I think if she did not change the gown in the final, she would have made top 5, that gown killed her!


  6. Not all people in the island are mongrels (mixed), black, or indians. There are White people, from Europe, who actually FOUNDED the country, named it, and established it, despite the Tainos and African slaves brought afterwards. Unfortunately, most people in the island today are so mixed that it is rare to find White women of these beauty anymore, but you do find them in small towns were the Spanish population didn't mix and also in the upper class of San Juan.

    The only TRUE Latinos are White, everything else is NOT latino (since latino is a European White term and not an Amerindian nor African one). Have some dignity and education please.