Monday, November 9, 2009

Señorita Colombia 2009 Part II - Bolívar & Atlántico

In Señorita Colombia 2009 Part II, I'm going to introduce 2 hot favorites (Señorita Bolívar & Señorita Atlántico) for the contest.

People in Colombia favor Señorita Bolívar, they think she's tall, elegant, classy, well-educated. Most importantly, she comes from a wealthy family in Cartagena. According to the Colombian Beauty Forum, the pageant organizers will always favor girls like her. However, I don't really like her face.

Señorita Bolívar, Natalia Navarro Galvis, 22, 179cm

Señorita Bolívar with Silvia Fernanda Ortiz (middle), Señorita Colombia 1997 (she still looks good without makeup)

Señorita Atlántico, Laura Núñez, 21, 173cm

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