Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Miss Universe 2011 Part VII Photo Gallery

There were so many activities and events for the contestants to participate in Såo Paulo, Brazil. They had dinner in Tivoli, participated in a soccer game, a bike ride from Parque das Bicicletas to Ibirapuera Park, Bus Tour, GT Brasil Raceway. They also visited Club de Campo, Banderantes and Escola de Moda - Fashion School. Here are the photo collections of the daily events:

Miss Nicaragua

Miss Nicaragua and Miss USA

Miss Montenegro and Miss Nicaragua

Miss Mexico

Miss Mexico and Miss India

Miss Honduras and Miss Mexico

Miss Aruba and Miss Mexico

Miss Ecuador

Miss Peru

Miss Peru and Miss Panama

Miss Costa Rica

Miss Costa Rica and Miss Peru

Miss Chile

Miss Chile and Miss France

Miss Malaysia and Miss Chile

Miss Chile and Miss Bolivia

Miss Panama

Miss Panama and Miss Chile

Miss Venezuela

Miss Paraguay

Miss Nicaragua and Miss Paraguay

Miss Paraguay and Miss Philippines

Miss Paraguay and Miss Spain

Miss Peru and Miss Paraguay

Miss Argentina

Miss Poland and Miss Argentina

Miss Argentina and Miss Ecuador

Miss Spain

Miss Spain and Miss Portugal

Miss Bolivia

Miss Bolivia and Miss Angola

Miss Guatemala

Miss Puerto Rico

Miss Brazil

Miss Brazil and Miss Australia

Miss Colombia

Miss Honduras

Miss El Salvador and Miss Honduras

Miss Argentina and Miss Honduras

Miss El Salvador

Group Pics:
Miss Aruba, Miss Puerto Rico, Miss Colombia and Miss Guatemala

Miss Panama, Miss Peru, Miss Uruguay and Miss Trinidad & Tobago

Miss Puerto Rico, Miss Peru and Miss Philippines

Miss Bolivia, Miss Chile and Miss Costa Rica

Miss Chile, Miss Argentina, Miss Portugal and Miss Italy

Miss Nicaragua, Miss Spain, Miss Paraguay and Miss Venezuela

Miss Guatemala, Miss Mexico and Miss Universe 2010

Miss Mauritius, Miss El Salvador and Miss Peru

Miss Peru, Miss Paraguay, Miss Greece and Miss Haiti

MIss Ecuador, Miss Argentina and Miss El Salvador

Miss Portugal, Miss Paraguay and Miss Croatia

(From left) Misses Bolivia, Ireland, Sweden, Montenegro, Portugal

(From left) Misses Russia, Sri Lanka, Slovak Rep, Singapore, Tanzania, Paraguay and Panama


Miss Universe 2011 Part VI Official Headshots / Swimsuit and Gown Pics (The Rankings 1st-10th)

Miss Universe 2011 Part VI Official Headshots / Swimsuit and Gown Pics (The Rankings 11th-20th)

Miss Universe 2011 Part V Photo Gallery

Miss Universe Part IV (Photoshoot at Hilton Såo Paulo Morumbi)

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Miss Universe 2011 Registration and Fittings II / Group Pics

Miss Universe 2011 Part II: Registration and Fittings

Miss Universe 2011 Part I (Departure / Arrival Pics)

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