Friday, August 26, 2011

Miss Universe 2011 Part III (Operation Smiles / Club Dequinta / Photo Gallery)

Miss Universe Organization handpicked 4 contestants, Philippines, China, Brazil and Venezuela, to take part in the event "Operation Smiles" on 25 August 2011. They visited the neonatal ward and met young patients at Hospital Sao Luis in Såo Paulo.

Miss Venezuela

Miss Brazil

Miss Philippines and Miss Brazil

The contestants went to the club Dequinta in Såo Paulo, Brazil, on 25 August 2011.
Miss Nicaragua, Miss Argentina, Miss Ecuador and Miss Bolivia

Miss Serbia, Miss Chile, Miss Colombia, Miss Puerto Rico, Miss Peru and Miss Dominican Rep

Miss Panama, Miss Guatemala and Miss Dominican Rep

Miss Mexico

Miss Panama

Miss Argentina

Miss Nicaragua (L) and Miss Paraguay

Miss El Salvador, Miss Panama and Miss Guatemala

Photo Gallery of the latinas:
Miss Costa Rica

Miss Angola and Miss Costa Rica

Miss Costa Rica and Miss Ghana

Miss Korea, Miss Curacao and Miss Costa Rica

Miss Mexico

Miss Peru

Miss Peru and Miss Cyprus

Miss Brazil and Miss Peru

Miss Dominican REp, Miss Peru and Miss Chile

Miss Colombia and Miss Nicaragua

Miss Guatemala, Miss Nicaragua and Miss Paraguay

Miss Venezuela and Miss Kosovo

Miss Ecuador

Miss Dominican Rep

The Samba dress of Miss Dominican Rep

Miss Guatemala and Miss Chile

Miss Indonesia, Miss Argentina and Miss USA

Group Pics:
(From left) Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, Mexico, Aruba, Turks & Caicos and Paraguay

(From left) Hungary, Spain, Romania and Venezuela

(Front) Argentina, Nicaragua and Ecuador (Back) Paraguay, Mexico and Honduras


Miss Universe 2011 Registration and Fittings II / Group Pics

Miss Universe 2011 Part II: Registration and Fittings

Miss Universe 2011 Part I (Departure / Arrival Pics)

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