Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Miss World 2009: Miss Mexico should have won

Miss World 2009 was held on 12 December 2009 in Johannesburg, South Africa. 112 contestants from all over the world competed for the crown this year.

Official Results of Miss World 2009:
Miss World 2009: Gibraltar - Kaiane Aldorino

1st Runner-up: Mexico - Perla Beltrán

2nd Runner-up: South Africa - Tatum Keshwar

3rd Runner-up: France - Chloé Mortaud

4th Runner-up: Canada - Lena Ma

5th Runner-up: Panama - Nadege Herrera

6th Runner-up: Colombia - Daniela Ramos

Top 16 Semi-finalists
Brazil - Luciana Bertolini
India - Pooja Chopra
Japan - Eruza Sasaki
Kazakhstan - Dina Nuraliyeva
Korea - Kim Joo-ri
Martinique - Ingrid Littré
Poland - Anna Jamróz
Sierra Leone - Mariatu Kargbo
Vietnam - Trần Thị Hương Giang

I feel sorry for Perla Beltrán, Miss Mexico, she was totally robbed! It was a joke!

Miss Gibraltar is Miss World 2009. What a joke for this f***ugly woman to win!

A lower class creature ..Look at her gum when she smiles, horrible creature!

Judging from the pics below, we can tell the real winner is:

Miss Mexico also won the Top Model Fast Track. Look at that monster-looking creature Miss Martinique on the right, she made the top 16, WTF!

Miss Colombia also became one of the top 7 finalists

Miss Colombia and Miss Bolivia

Miss Panama was the 1st runner-up in Miss Beach Beauty and made the top 7 in the final

The close-up pics of Miss Panama during her final interview... not bad

Miss Panama looks so elegant in the pic

Miss Brazil made the top 16

Miss Guatemala is so gorgeous and beautiful. She was one of the finalists in Beauty with Purpose Award, Congrats to Alida Boer!

National director of Venezuela, Osmel and Miss Guatemala

The ugly winner, Miss Gibraltar(left)and super beauty Miss Guatemala (right)

Miss Colombia, Miss Costa Rica and Miss Bulgaria

Miss Venezuela

Miss Barbados and Miss Dominican Republic

Miss Puerto Rico


  1. Tho I agree that Miss Gibraltar is dead plain, I still think Miss Mexico looks like a witch!!!!!!

    The crown should go to Miss France la!

  2. Fun,
    After Julia Morley announced Miss Mexico as 1st Runner-up, only 5 girls left (Colombia, Panama, Canada, Gibraltar & France), I thought they picked France as the winner (it was impossible to crown the remaining 4 ladies)..
    however, ry and I couldn't stop laughing after we knew the result..hahaha

    If u watch the video, Miss France was a bit nervous in her final Q-A, on the contrary, Miss South Africa gave the best answer