Sunday, March 22, 2009

Miss Costa Rica 2009 (I)

Our Next Stop - Miss Costa Rica 2009 will be crowned on 27th March 2009!!

In 2005, Costa Rica produced a memorable beauty, tall, stunning supermodel type of goddess Leonora Jimenez (her bio will be uploaded soon), she won Miss Asia Pacific in 2005. However, for the past 3 years, Costa Rica sent some average girls to the Miss Universe Pageant. New Miss Costa Rica Universo will be crowned this Saturday (3/27) and 9 beautiful young ladies are vying for the title this year!

2005 年哥斯達尼加選出一位傾國傾城絕色大美人 Leonora Jimenez 出戰亞太小姐及世姐!
Leonora 在同年贏得亞太小姐冠軍! 但自 05 年以後, 哥國派出國際賽的代表算十分平凡, 成績亦平平! 2009 年哥斯達尼加小姐將會在 3 月27 日誕生, 今年共有 9 位候選佳麗角逐 "哥斯達尼加環球小姐" 榮銜!

1. Natalia Zúñiga Alvarez Sandoval (the mega-favourite this year!)

2. Jessica Umaña

3. Karol Castro

4. Lucia Cascante
She looks like Miss Costa Rica Universo 2006, Fabriella Quesada, one of her merits is her height!

5. Karol Quirós
ummm....mediocre I would say! 180cm is her merit!

She looks like Mariangel Ruiz (Miss Venezuela 2002) from certain angles...haha

The quality of the contestants are above average this year, I like Natalia Zúñiga Alvarez and Jessica Umaña! Hope they will make a right choice and pick a right girl to the Miss Universe 2009!

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  1. natalia alvarez is absolutely gorgeous....hope she wins