Monday, March 2, 2009

Cuban Goddess

Jamillette Gaxiola, 19, 175cm, born in Havana, selected to represent Cuba in Miss Earth 2009!

From the press info on the net, "Jamillette attended Miss Cuba Organization casting hosted by Lenz Modeling Agency in Las Vegas. The selection process was judged by celebrity photographer Andres Gonzalez, Jessica Silva Miss Cuba 08 & Geisy Hernandez Miss Intercontinental Cuba 09. Jamillette was not only selected because of her natural beauty but by her willingness to work hard to represent her island Cuba at Miss Earth in October 2009."

Personally, I think Jamillette is a stunner! Facial beauty deserves over 9.5 points! (really looks like a doll)

I hope Cuba will be back to Miss Universe and Miss World soon! I believe Cuba will become another strong latin beauty powerhouse if they seriously take part in the pageants!

Viva Cuba!!!


  1. its obvious that all pics are over photo-shoped!!!! u better wait until seeing the real her~~

  2. yes..based on the above pics, u can say so! haha
    Hope I can see no difference when i see the real her~