Sunday, October 21, 2012

Miss International 2012 Part I

Miss International 2012, the 52nd edition of the Miss International pageant will be held at Okinawa, Japan on 21 October 2012.

My ultimate favourite latina for Miss International 2012:
Miss Paraguay - Nicole Huber, 22, 174cm, from Asunción. Nicole also participated in Miss World 2010 (ranked 16th) and top 16 in Miss Earth 2011. Good Luck Nicole!

Miss Dominican Rep, Melody Mir Jiménez, 23, 177cm

Miss Colombia, Melissa Varón, 25, 179cm

Miss Venezuela, Blanca Aljibes, 24, 179cm

Miss Brazil, Rafaela Butarelli, 23, 178cm

Miss Argentina, Daiana Incandela, 23, 180cm

Beautiful and Colorful Latin Costumes in Miss International 2012:

Group Pics:

Special - European Blond barbie doll: Miss Poland

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