Saturday, April 7, 2012

Miss Panamá 2012

Miss Panamá 2012, the 45th Annual pageant, was held in Ciudad de Panamá, Panama on 30March 2012. A total of 12 contestants from all over Panamá were competing for the title.

The Big 4 beauty queens were selected to represent Panamá in all major contests this year

Miss Panamá 2012 is Miss Panamá Centro - Stephanie Vander Werf, 25, 178cm, Hometown: Ciudad de Panamá. Stephanie also won Miss Eloquence in the contest. She will go to Miss Universe 2012.

Miss World Panamá 2012: Miss Bocas del Toro - Maricely González, 22, 173cm, Hometown: Ciudad de Panamá. Maricely was a hot favourite for Miss Panamá title this year, she also won 2 side awards, Miss Photogenic and Best National Costume to Miss Universe Award.

Miss International Panamá 2012: Miss Chiriquí - Karen Jordán

Miss Earth Panamá 2012: Miss Coclé - Ana Ibáñez

Official 12 candidates for Miss Panamá 2012

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