Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blogger's Choice: Miss Universe 2011 The Best Latina Award

I have been doing the coverage of Miss Universe in this blog for 3 consecutive years, Miss Universe Pageant is the best for me, beauty, suspense and excitement we can see in this pageant! Since this blog is mainly focusing on the latinas in the pageant, in Miss Universe 2009, the Best Latina for me was Lourdes Figueroa from Guatemala, in 2010, I gave this award to Miss Uruguay, Stephany Ortega!

This year, the Best Latina Award 2011 goes to


In terms of facial beauty, no doubt, Johanna is the best among the latinas, she has typical latin aura on her face, very sweet smile. She is one of the most charismatic Costa Rican Queens I have ever seen. After Costa Rica sent the goddess Leonora Jimemez to Miss World 2005, I personally think Johanna is the second best representative from this country.

Johanna also has good figure and performed very well during the swimsuit competition. In Global Beauties website, she always stayed in the top 15 in all their categoriees and prediction lists. She's eloquent and speaks fluent English which is another bonus for latinas.

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