Sunday, June 20, 2010

Miss International Chile 2010

Tanya Del Solar Prussing, 24, 5,8", was appointed as Miss International Chile 2010. She will represent her country at Miss International 2010.

You can see more of her beautiful pics at

Tanya (left) and Miss Chile Earth 2010 contestants


  1. she is really pretty she is one of my favorite in this year

  2. Anonymous:
    I agree!

    Chile should send a representative to Miss Universe! Chileana are always beautiful

  3. Vaya, le dan el premio a cualquier perra que le saca dinero a los hombres. Igual que su puta madre Jaqueline.

  4. si igual que tu madre peruano resentido, te devolvimos lima, mejor no abras la boca o sino te la quitamos denuevo, indio feo